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Barisan peserta dan komedian bersama hos Liga Lawak Superstar, Afdlin Shaukigmo

Dunia komedi tanah air mengorak selangkah lagi ke hadapan apabila Liga Lawak Superstar diperkenalkan. Rancangan yang menggabungkan pelakon-pelakon dan komedian terkenal ini akan mula menemui penonton bermula 6 Oktober 2013 setiap hari Ahad jam 9 malam. Kumpulan manakah yang bakal membawa pulang ganjaran RM 250,000? Read more →

(SEMASA) Ning Baizura unveils her first fragrance – NING


Ning Baizura, leading Malaysian multifaceted singer, songwriter, pop, soul and R&B chanteuse unveiled her first fragrance – NING. The fragrance was officially launched by Guest of Honour Yang Berhormat Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia together with Ning Baizura at Tourism Malaysia’s cocktail event at Swiss Watch Gallery’s Art of Time exhibition at Pavilion KL.
Ning’s fragrance launch was apt in celebrating the art and craftsmanship of Ning’s strong and dynamic vocals with the exacting precision of a luxury timepiece. NING is based on the celebrity’s persona which is bold yet sophisticated and elegant yet powerful. Read more →

(HIBURAN) Joe Flizzow’s ‘Havoc’ goes straight to No. 1 on iTunes Malaysia


Joe Flizzow’s latest single ‘Havoc’ has stormed the iTunes Malaysia charts since its official launch this morning. ‘Havoc’ which is the first single from Joe Flizzow’s forthcoming similarly titled album, went straight to No. 1 on iTunes Malaysia and also trended nationwide on Twitter (#HAVOC). Produced by SonaOne, ‘Havoc’ also features a dynamic Kartel collaboration with Altimet and SonaOne. The thumping beat from the use of the popular 808 drumkit, coupled with witty rhymes from all 3 rappers, has certainly created a sound not often heard in Malay-language songs. Read more →

(SEMASA) LOL (Lots Of Lambs) by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS


Give your taste buds a good treat of succulent lamb at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS. Pick from our special menu of lamb dishes. Whether it’s a la carte or meal, platter or wrap, top it up with Baked Spicy Wedges as well as Green House and relish delicious, glorious lamb to your heart’s content! Read more →