(SEMASA) Launching Of Mrs. Fabulous Malaysia 2019 

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Event Mrs Fabulous Malaysia 2019 is aimed to promote unity. exchange of interpersonal skills. recognition on women empowerment and improved understanding among women of diverse culture in Malaysia. This event will provides the participants a platform to enhance self confidence, public appearance skills and societal connection with people in Malaysia. The event also develop talents among the women in Malaysia. Malaysian women of all race and religion is encouraged to apply. The event is a contest. It will be conducted with the highest respect and strict guidelines of attires and fashion showcase. ( Hijab women is also encouraged)

Country Impact》

This event will make promoting Local Economy Designer Wardrobes, Beauty Product Owners. Fnb Industry, Fashion Brands, Social CSR Encouragement and also Promote Local Tourism, National Integration, Community . Social Development & Cultural Exchange – promote unity in Malaysia

Event Objectives》

–  Provide a platform to allow outstanding Malaysian Womens a rare oppurtunlty to display their talents, intelligence, confidence and cultural pride.

–  Educate and inspire Malaysian women on the importance of beauty, intelligence and personality management.

Event Mechanism》

  1. Announcement – Title Launch, Media Release
  2. Audition – Entry registration & Selection 3. Talent Round – Showcase Individual Talents.
  3. Elimination Round – Shortlisting
  4. Workshops – Catwalks, Self Endurance, Public Speaking, Fitness, Grooming & Personality Managements, Photography, Profiling.
  5. Semi Final – Competition to shortlist. Sash Presentations.
  6. Grand Finale – The Winners

Sponsors Info》

–  The event is supported and tax exempted by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia.

–  Varies of sponsor package ( Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, In Kind)

–  Creative promo and marketing plan Included , giving very good brand awareness & public exposure.

–  High impact Branding Publicity Plan.

–  Every sponsoring & collaborative initiative is administrated under Volga Balezza Productions ( SA0486976)

Event Details》

Event Title:  Mrs Fabulous Malaysia 2019

Event Type:  Pageant Contest

Entry Fee:  RM500

Nationality:  Malaysian (Any Race & Religion)

Gender Eligibility:  Female

Age:  18 years 45 years old

Status: Married / Divorced

Expected Contestant Audition:  60 Entries

Expected Finalist Contestant:  20

Grand Final:  November 2019

Venue For Final:  Dewan Merdeka PWTC

Rewards:  Winner – RM10,000

1st Runner Up – RM8,000

2nd Runner Up – RM5,000

Carrier opportunities awaits for all finalist.

Registration: www.mypageantsearch.com

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