(SUKAN) ZUMBA WITH THE BEST OF THE BEST – Watsons Move Your Body Zumba Presents International Zumba Education Specialists from Colombia and Australia


Kuala Lumpur, 23 September 2016 – If there is a time and place for you to Zumba with the best, and then you should not miss the upcoming Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016. Touted to be biggest neon Zumba gathering and party for the year, Watsons has brought in two Zumba education specialists in partnership with Zumba International.
“For the third year running, Watsons Move Your Body Zumba will be an iconic event and as such we want to provide our consumers the reward of money can’t buy experience with international renowned Zumba instructors,” Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia.

One of the most well-known instructors in the Zumba industry is David Velez from Colombia, who has been involved in Zumba as a Zumba Education Specialist and conduct instructor training courses across Asia. David also teach Zumba and training existing instructors for continuous education on Zumba.

“Zumba is a fun and simple workout that is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender. And the number of people participating in Zumba classes has increase in Malaysia and around the world. I was officially appointed by Zumba International as the Zumba Jammer in 2015 for Malaysia,” David Velez, Zumba Education Specialist.

“Zumba is loved and enjoyed by everyone around the world and many people love the fact that Zumba can help burn calories and at the same time enjoy the process.

We always describe Zumba as fun, happy and sweat all together!” David Velez, Zumba Education Specialist.
Sharing the same sentiment with David is his compatriot from Australia, Michael Thomas.

Michael has been training instructors to teach Zumba since 2009 around the world including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Australia and Asia.

“The joy that people experience from Zumba remains unchanged no matter where I go. In general, the perception towards Zumba is fun. The program is easy to follow and it allows anyone and everyone to consider dance and fitness a part of their lives,” Michael Thomas, Zumba Education Specialist.

Joining David and Michael would be Malaysia’s celebrated Zumba Jammers. Both Alex Phang and Deno Au are the pioneer Malaysians involved with Zumba as they are now the only two certified Zumba Jammers by Zumba International in Malaysia. Alex has been involve in Zumba since 2006 and receive his training from India until receiving his appointment by Zumba International as a Zumba Jammer in Malaysia since 2015.

Elsewhere Deno began his involvement with Zumba in 2008 whereby both play equally important role to build the Zumba community in Malaysia.

“Malaysians in general are fully aware of the benefits of Zumba fitness as a fitness program. Building a good health and more and more people is getting into enjoying it with their families and loves one. And I pledge to continuously participate wherever I can to boost this program in the country together with Alex and Zumba International team,”
Deno Au, Zumba Jammer.

“We hope more Malaysians will enjoy and participate in Zumba and create that healthy culture amongst Malaysians. Also it is crucial to make everyone enjoy their workout session when they don’t realise it and this is what we hope to bring at Watsons Move Your Body Zumba 2016 together with David and Michael,” Alex Phang, Zumba Jammer.

Last year, Watsons Move Your Body Zumba was the biggest Zumba event in Malaysia with more than 7,000 participants held in Penang. And this time around, Watsons Move Your Body Zumba will bring a new level of fun and exciting experience with the biggest neon Zumba party.The 2016 edition is held on 22 October 2016 at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and expecting more participants than last year to sweat it all out with Zumba routines.

Watsons Move Your Body 2016 Sponsors Line Up Include:
Official Venue Sunway Lagoon
Official Shopping Mall Sunway Pyramid
Official Fitness Partner Celebrity Fitness
Official Apparel Brooks
Official Healthcare Parkway Cancer Centre
Supporting Partner Hitz FM
Official Newspapers The Sun, Harian Metro & Oriental Daily
Official Social Media Partner Viralcham
For more information, visit www.watsons.com.my/moveyourbody

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