(SEMASA) Discover SKIN1004: Elevate Your Skincare Routine

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SKIN1004 is a leading Korean skincare brand dedicated to creating pure, natural, and effective skincare solutions. By harnessing the power of Centella Asiatica and other high-quality botanical ingredients, SKIN1004 aims to provide gentle yet powerful products that enhance the natural beauty of the skin.

SKIN1004 Malaysia: Continuing to Lead with Pure and Natural Skincare Solutions

SKIN1004, a renowned Korean skincare brand known for its commitment to purity and efficacy, continues to capture the hearts of Malaysian consumers with its innovative and gentle formulations. With a steadfast focus on harnessing the power of nature, SKIN1004 offers a comprehensive range of skincare solutions designed to address various skin concerns, all while maintaining a strong presence in Malaysia.

The Power of Centella Asiatica

At the core of SKIN1004’s formulations is Centella Asiatica, a potent herb revered for its healing and soothing properties. Sourced from the pristine regions of Madagascar, this star ingredient ensures that each product is infused with the highest quality and most effective botanical extracts. Malaysian consumers have come to trust and love SKIN1004 for its dedication to natural and effective skincare.

Pure and Gentle Formulations

SKIN1004’s minimalist approach to skincare emphasizes safety and efficacy. Each product is free from harmful additives and harsh chemicals, making SKIN1004 an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or anyone seeking a gentle yet effective skincare routine. From calming toners and hydrating serums to restorative creams and protective sunscreens, SKIN1004 offers solutions for every skincare need.

Commitment to Sustainability

SKIN1004 is dedicated to sustainability, taking a conscientious approach to sourcing ingredients and packaging products. This commitment resonates with consumers who value ethical and eco-friendly beauty products. By minimizing its environmental footprint, SKIN1004 not only cares for your skin but also for the planet.

Robust Marketing and Customer Engagement

SKIN1004’s success in Malaysia is bolstered by robust marketing initiatives and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. The brand is widely available in popular health and beauty retailers, including Watsons, as well as through its own flagship store, Underwater. These channels ensure that Malaysian consumers have easy access to their favorite SKIN1004 products.

Customer-Centric Approach

Listening to customers and continuously improving products based on their feedback is a cornerstone of SKIN1004’s philosophy. This customer-centric approach ensures that the brand remains responsive to the evolving needs and preferences of its audience, fostering a loyal customer base.

Join the SKIN1004 Community

SKIN1004 Malaysia invites everyone to experience the transformative power of Centella Asiatica and discover a new standard of skincare. Follow SKIN1004 Malaysia on social media for the latest updates, product launches, and skincare tips, and become a part of a community that celebrates natural beauty and holistic wellness.

Product Recommendations

Centella Series

The Centella line products are made of minimal essential ingredients for gentle but effective skincare, while excluding unnecessary harmful preservatives or chemicals.  SENSITIVE SKIN

Hyalucica Water-fit Sunserum

 A non-nano chemical sunscreen that blocks UV rays, while simultaneously hydrating the skin. This sunscreen leaves skin with a moisturized, dewy finish. ALL SKIN TYPES

Poremizing Series

The Poremizing line is a collection of pore minimizing skincare products infused with Himalayan pink salt to treat the fundamental causes of large pores, removes dead skin cells, controls excess sebum, and cleanses impurities. ENLARGED PORES

Tone Brightening Series

The Tone Brightening line is specifically formulated to treat hyperpigmentation, discoloration and inflammation all at once by brightening the skin tone, suitable for skin concerns of dullness, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. NORMAL, OILY SKIN

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