(SEMASA) Domino’s Pizza Celebrates A Meaningful Ramadan

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In conjunction with the festive month of good deeds and giving, Domino’s Pizza embarked on an initiative to celebrate the contribution of Unsung Heroes in our community by joining hands with Joe Najib and Ahmad Faizal to extend gratitude to those who make a difference in our community and daily lives. 

Those specially acknowledged were the street cleaners of TTDI Ramadan Bazaar, firefighters of TTDI Fire Department, enforcement team of the Cybercrime Unit of Bukit Aman PDRM, delivery riders in Shah Alam and bus drivers at Stesen Bas Sementara Shah Alam. Serving for the community and for the convenience of others, these groups of Unsung Hereos also sacrifice their buka puasa hours to provide service for Malaysians.

The two individuals, Joe Najib and Ahmad Faizal are known for their generosity. Joe Najib in his professional capacity is the Head of Integration of an independent consulting agency. On a personal level, he values the simplest of life’s joys and speaks out against those who take others for granted, which demonstrates his love for voluntary work. Someone who puts tremendous efforts just to see others happy, Joe is an inspiring role model to the future generation. While Ahmad Faizal, self-employed on call runner and a Nasi Lemak seller, lives by the motto of seikhlas hati when it comes to earning a living. An individual that unselfishly attends to the needs of others, Ahmad Faizal is an exemplary of a true modern hero, especially in today’s day and age where commercial and monetary terms are normally the order of the day.

The initiative was also in conjunction with Domino’s Pizza’s on-going Super Tuesday deal aimed at providing great deals for customers to share delicious meals with friends and family while also being a way of giving to the less fortunate. Starting from May 29 to July 9, 2017, pizza lovers will be able to enjoy Super Tuesday, a fantastic offer on Domino’s personal pizzas.    

The Unsung Heroes initiative is showcased through a special video by Domino’s Pizza and can be viewed from the links appended below: 

  1. Joe Najib – https://www.facebook.com/Dom inosMY/videos/1043152819151195 /
  2. Ahmad Faizal – https://www.facebook.com/Dom inosMY/videos/1043850032414807 /


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