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MALAYSIA, 26 June 2015 – Get set for a new “JOOX BOX” for the musical beat of your life, JOOX is a fresh and new exciting take on the music streaming service industry as it offers a unique twist in digital music subscription. JOOX is a free, multi-cultural language music streaming app that connects music lovers with current trends, issues and cultures with customized playlist in a bid to offer localized and relevant contents that are closer to Malaysian’s heart.


Available in three user interfaces and content selections; Melayu Hits, Chinese Hits and International, JOOX provides an extensive library of local and global music from your favourite artists across Malaysia, Asia and International markets, providing users endless entertainment through an easy-to-use app.  To take the music experience up a notch, JOOX offers a distinct local flavour with a stream of recommended playlists that are specifically handpicked by the local music curators based on Malaysian trends and activities as well as latest music releases.


Understanding Trends With Your Music Digital App

JOOX’s music curators, who are Malaysians, offers a personalised approach for music lovers to simplify their music browsing experience and elevate listening pleasures. With different curators specialising in multiple language genres, JOOX offers a slice of the curators’ passion on music, enabling users to explore and discover hidden music gems, new artists and releases from different genre in the sea of great music.

Users are also given the freedom to create their own playlists according their music preferences.


24-hour of Music Pleasures

Tune in to JOOX’s extensive song library for a music experience that is tailored just for you. Narrow your search by genre, language, time period, audience and listen to exactly what you’re in the mood for. In addition, JOOX offers a wide range of free radio stations under each of the three language selections. With its localized and free contents, JOOX will definitely be your new music best friend, offering playlists dedicated to exercise junkies, parenting, or movie enthusiasts.

Not sure what to listen to? See what other avid music lovers are listening too and check out JOOX’s Editors’ Picks for the latest music.


Music for Every Mood

Whether you’re crushing your next workout with a superhero-inspired playlist or looking to boost your morning run, JOOX’s has that related song list for all Malaysians looking to spice-up their day with the best music experience they can relate to.

Impress your friends by being your own music DJ and trendsetter through discovering the hottest artists from Malaysia, Korea, Japan and the West with Top Charts. JOOX’s simple and easy to use New Releases feature has your back and will keep you up to date with the latest releases and original movie sound tracks, so you won’t miss a thing and will be always up to date with the hottest music in town.


With Your Social Circle

Just discovered a new favourite song and can’t wait to share your joy with friends? Use JOOX to post about the songs you are listening to on WeChat, WeChat Moments and Facebook in real-time so you can enjoy the musical moments with your friends instantly.


Best Streaming Experience with Optimal Music and Sound experience with HD

JOOX will be available to users for free with an option to upgrade to its premium subscription service. Premium will receive further added-on benefits such as being able to download songs for offline usage, ad-free music streaming and access to high definition quality soundtracks.

“With our many years of innovation in pioneering user-friendly mobile social applications, JOOX’s simple and sleek interface will definitely further enrich and amplify Malaysians’ music experience. The most unique feature about JOOX is its locally curated music content, that are exclusively created to cater music enthusiasts instead of a one-size-fit all service offerings”, said Poshu Yeung, Vice President, International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind JOOX free music application.

During JOOX’s launch in Malaysia, the largest music industry recording companies, Sony Music, OSM, Universal Music and Warner Music, were also on deck to welcome JOOX as its official partner in Malaysia.

According to Julius Ng, Managing Director of Sony Music Malaysia, “With our extensive roster of talented artists covering both local and international market, we believe JOOX will complement our offerings by connecting our artists and avid listeners closer through its flavourful and customized content. We are excited to be partnered with JOOX as we believe this will help to promote and provide a platform for artists to further showcase their masterpiece.”

“I am very excited with the prospect of the new emerging music streaming service, JOOX. They may be new to the market, but with the expertise of Tencent behind it and also the local team’s enthusiasm, I am confident they will be able to roll out this new service with ease to gain a large number of subscribers. With an emphasis on local content, I also expect JOOX to be proactively localising their services to suit each local market they operate in. We will certainly seek to strike many key collaborative efforts to ensure the success of JOOX,” Darren Choy, Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia and Singapore.

“The local music consumers are always changing their preferences and methods of listening to music. As times change with the always developing technology and the piracy challenges, we need to find new and convenient ways for consumers to access music easily and legally. We are proud to partner with JOOX as we believe they are able to provide full support towards supporting our extensive music repertoire that caters to people from all walks of life through a hassle free streaming services, commented Kenny Ong, Managing Director of Universal Music Malaysia and Singapore.

“We strongly believe that JOOX will be a stylish, interactive and ideal music app that will offer high quality music entertainment to its user anytime, anywhere and on any devices. With the significant portion of our contribution coming from digital revenue, we will continue to expect a smooth growth by having JOOX as our major content provider that offers localised curated services to its listeners,” said Dr. Asugan Pechi Muthu, General Manager of OSM Malaysia.

JOOX is now available to download for free on both iOS and Android devices with an optional RM14.90 monthly fee to access its VIP subscription. First time users who sign-up will each get free VIP service for 30 days before moving back to the standard free-tier.

JOOX is the latest music application developed by Tencent, the leading global Internet company and creator of WeChat.

 To learn more about JOOX, please visit http://www.joox.com/

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