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Kansai Coatings Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Kansai Paint) today launched the country’s first anti-mosquito paint, ‘ALES Anti-MosQ’. The water-based interior emulsion paint formulated with a special insecticide that acts on mosquitoes’ nerve systems, disrupting their neuron functions, thus repelling the mosquitoes. The mosquito repelling paint is also a first for the ASEAN region.

Speaking at the official launch ceremony, President of Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., Hiroshi Ishino explained, “Kansai Paint is built on the foundation of providing products to help our customers protect their hygiene, health as well as the environment. With that, we are looking at engaging consumers with more innovative paint products to beautify and protect their living spaces. That’s why we launch the anti-mosquito range to enhance customers’ experience.”

Commenting on the product, Kansai Coatings Malaysia’s Managing Director, Yoshikazu Takahashi said, “ALES Anti-MosQ is designed for protection as it proves to be able to repel mosquitoes and stop the spread of dengue fever. “The new paint product launched today is only the beginning; we aim to introduce more technologically advanced products to help consumers create beautiful and safe living environments.”

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Given the spike in dengue cases this year, the introduction of ALES Anti-MosQ is very timely as it offers consumers a safe, convenient and sustainable solution way to fend off the Aedes mosquito and protect living spaces from the health threats posed by mosquitoes,” Takahashi said.

According to a recent report, there were 88,806 dengue cases reported until November 8 this year compared to 31,170 in the corresponding period last year. Report from the Health Ministry showed approximately 170 dengue-related deaths so far this year, compared to 63 in the same period last year.

Prior to the launch, Kansai Paint collaborated with Universiti Sains Malaysia to carry out a number of researches and tests on the effectiveness of the mosquito repellent properties of ALES Anti-MosQ. The test results revealed the two prevalent mosquito species, the Culex and Aedes Agpyti mosquitoes stayed away from surfaces painted with the new ALES Anti-MosQ up to six months from the date of application. The Culex genus of mosquito serves as a vector for diseases such as Filariasis and Japanese Encephalitis (JE), while the Aedes Agypti spreads diseases such as dengue fever and Chikungunya.

The ALES Anti-MosQ can be applied on any indoor surface, from homes to offices, restaurants, airports, schools, hospitals and more, to help create safer homes and living spaces. “Reducing mosquitoes within indoor spaces will effectively contribute to a significant drop in the number of diseases spread by mosquitoes. With advances in technology, with just a fresh coat of paint, consumers can safe-guard themselves and their families against mosquito-spread illnesses such as dengue and malaria,” added Takahashi.

The new ALES Anti-MosQ opens a new segment in decorative paint market for Kansai Paint. “Since the soft launch of the product in June this year, we have received encouraging feedback from consumers.  This is a core product that demonstrates Kansai Paint’s innovation and expertise in high-performance paints to address consumer hygiene, health and environmental needs,” Takahashi said.

The new ALES Anti-MosQ embraces high-quality traditional paint characteristics that include luxurious finishing with superior coverage, excellent stain resistance more than 5,000 scrubs and good washability.

Unlike other insect repelling products, Kansai Paint’s ALES Anti-MosQ is environmentally friendly and contains low volatile organic compounds (VOC). ALES Anti-MosQ is also lead-free which makes it suitable for consumers who want paint that is safe for their health.  It is compliant to SIRIM Ecolabel and Singapore Green Label certification.

The new ALES Anti-MosQ offers more than thousand colour choices to give consumers freedom to express their creativity through colour. The paint product is now available at all authorised Kansai Paint dealers as well as hardware shops at a retail price ranges from RM 130 to RM145 for a 5-litre can depending on the choice of colours.  For information on store location, consumers can visit www.kansaimalaysia.com.

To help spread the importance of dengue prevention, Kansai Paint will be organising a road show to educate the public on how to create a clean and dengue-free living environment. The dengue prevention awareness road show will be held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s New Wing concourse area from 10 to 14 December 2014 (from 10am to 10pm). Consumers will stand a chance to receive one-litre can ALES Anti-MosQ paint during the road show, based on a first-come first-served basis.

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