(SEMASA) ‘Life Hacks’ on Cooking, Home-keeping and Nutrition at Ayam Brand™ Tips

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Shah Alam, December 23, 2015 – Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products, has compiled a list of essential cooking, home-keeping and nutrition ‘life hacks’ to make the experience of cooking and eating at home easier, more productive and more nutritious.

Cooking and eating at home is a good habit as it allows you to set the portion, quality and nutrition values of the food you and your family consume, and spend time together while preserving traditional recipes and cuisine. However, while the taste may be superior to eating out, the preparation and cleaning up do not fit well with our busy lifestyles.

This is where life hacks can cut down time and make the cooking and cleaning experience less taxing. Available at http://www.ayambrand.com.my/ayam-brand-tips.html, these life hacks are an essential reference for modern families and singles that may not be as familiar with short cuts to food preparation, cooking, cleaning and storing food.

According to Ayam Brand™ Marketing Manager, Mr Nicholas Nyeow, the brand has evolved from being a purveyor of canned food to becoming increasingly a leader in healthy eating that people turn to for recipes, health information, relaxation recreation and even life hacks and tips.

“As lifestyles change and millennials set up their own household some of the household shortcuts from our parents and grandparents may be lost, while new solutions may be needed for technology-centric devices. This is where Ayam Brand™ Tips is proving to be very popular as it is making time in the kitchen less of a chore,” Mr Nyeow explained.

Among the tips are daily challenges such as ‘How to chop onions without tears? How to bake a better cake? How to cook pasta without mess? How to remove stains from coffee mugs? How to clean scorched pots? How to add Omega 3 into your diet? How to avoid sandwiches from becoming soggy and many more.

Get your Life Hacks from Ayam Brand tips.

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