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QL Resources Bhd (QL) has pledged to donate at least RM50,000 per year to the IJN Foundation under its “Good Heart Campaign”, through the sale of  its campaign eggs packs. The campaign begins on 27 September and the campaign packs can be identified by the ‘Good Heart Campaign’ sticker on the packaging.

The IJN Foundation (IJNF) is a non-profit organisation with a philanthropic mission to raise funds and financially assist the surgery cost of poor and needy heart patients seeking treatment at the Institut Jantung Negara (IJN).  The foundation also is the main supporter to the ongoing research done by IJN’s specialist in cardiovascular diseases.

QL will contribute 50 sen for each pack of QL Omega or QL Deli Fresh eggs sold.  100,000 packs of eggs bearing the ‘Good Heart Campaign’ will be made available for sale, with QL committed to donate at least RM50,000 to the Foundation this year. The amount will be increased accordingly if sales exceed the planned target of 100,000 packs.

QL Omega and QL Deli Fresh eggs have up to 40 per cent less cholesterol than normal eggs, are completely free of synthetic colours, and are enhanced with natural feed ingredients and probiotics. QL Omega eggs are enriched with Omega-3, an essential fatty acid that is associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes.

“QL is an abridged version of the Chinese phrase Quan Li, which means Benefits For All. QL is committed to producing nourishing food products, leading to benefits for all. It is our mission. Indeed, it is how we see this campaign as we produce nourishing food for consumers, support IJN Foundation though funding and help raise public awareness on heart health” said Corporate Development Director of QL, Mr. Chia Lik Khai, during the launch of the campaign in Kuala Lumpur today.

“QL is the largest eggs producer in the ASEAN region with almost 5 million eggs daily, across our operations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Being one of the leading egg producers in the Malaysian market with a daily production of 3.2 million eggs, we at QL continues to invest in nutrition research, farming technology and product development in order to bring quality food products to its consumers. QL Eggs stand for quality of freshness, cleanliness and nutrition. QL Eggs are produced with specially formulated feed, enhanced bio-security, and stringent quality screening processes.” stated Mr. Chia.

“QL’s farms are developed with technology that allows for regulated climates, keeping chickens in stable, comfortable temperatures. The strict hygiene-controlled environments ensure that the risk of infection from viruses and bacteria is minimised, whether from the environment, staff, or other chickens. The result is QL Eggs that are natural, nutritious and fresh, containing more than 10 vitamins and minerals and high quality proteins,” he added.

Also present at the launch, which was held at Institut Jantung Negara, was IJNF Fundraising Chairman, Datin Julini Mohd Ali.

IJN Foundation will use the funds from the ‘Good Heart Campaign’ for areas under its objective, that is, Patient Assistance Programme, Research & Clinical Trial Studies, Education & Training Programmes.

The ‘Good Heart Campaign’ is to mark the collaboration between QL and IJNF.  The pledge of RM50,000 for a period of 3 years entitles QL to be IJNF’s Gold Partner. Hence, QL’s pledge will be a minimum of RM150,000 for the 3-year partnership.

The target of the ‘Good Heart Campaign’ is to hand over the minimum amount of RM50,000 in November 2014 and QL has also pledged to continue its efforts as a proud partner of the IJN Foundation until 2016.

“The Foundation relies heavily on the generous support of kind donors to help us continue our philanthropic mission for the benefit of those less fortunate.  With heart disease as the leading cause of death in Malaysia, it is even more vital that funds are available, to help more patients and to save more lives.  We are blessed to have committed donors over the years and welcome QL Resources Berhad as our Gold Partner,” said Julini.

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