(SEMASA) Sunway Velocity Mall ‘Feeding Families’ CSR Campaign

For Sunway Velocity Mall’s Raya campaign, “Bunga-Bunga Raya”, the mall has organized a “Feeding Families” CSR campaign in respect of the month of Ramadan. As Ramadan is the time for reflection, improvement, and connection, Sunway Velocity Mall stays true to its mission to be a community-driven mall by constantly engaging with its surrounding communities, including the under-privileged.

This initiative started when the management of Sunway Velocity Mall was alerted of the plight of urban child poverty and deprivation in low-cost flats in Kuala Lumpur through a UNICEF report published in 2018, Children Without. Thus Sunway Velocity Mall made it a priority to reach out to a nearby Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) community, PPR Cochrane Perkasa, just 1km away from the mall.

Empathizing with the difficulties and struggles of the families, Sunway Velocity Mall pledged to provide “One meal a day” to 100 of its neediest children in 2019, to mitigate some of the parents’ worries of providing for their children, and to also ensure the children receive at least one nutritious meal a day, essential for their growth and learning. Children are our future and thus it is imperative that we provide them with a head start in their young life. Although this initiative is year-long and still on-going, Sunway Velocity Mall would like to invite its shoppers to help these families in need, especially during Ramadan and Raya.

The “Feeding Families” campaign was inspired by the meaning of Ramadan which is to appreciate what we have and be aware and understanding of others. Hence, for every redemption made by shoppers, Sunway Velocity Mall will be donating RM5 to the “Feeding Families” CSR campaign.

On the 14th May, Sunway Velocity Mall invited 50 representatives of these families from the PPR to celebrate Ramadan. The mall was transformed into a suburban wonderland and furnished with a magnificent kampung house embellished with larger-than-life bougainvillea flowers to spark the nostalgia of balik kampung for family gatherings. The main highlight of the day was the distribution of boxes of necessities packed by Sunway Velocity Mall for these families. Each family received rice, condiments, cooking oil, noodles, and other necessities that would help for food preparation. All these were bought through the donation allocated through shoppers’ redemption. Everyone went home with a handful of goods and a whole-hearted blessing from Sunway Velocity Mall for this Raya celebration.

As the theme of this festival is “Bunga-Bunga Raya”, the mall wishes for every new beginning to be fulfilling, joyous, and hopeful. Sunway Velocity Mall is passionate and committed to elevate the community and contribute to society through CSR, kids’ activities, and also events. Through this campaign, Sunway Velocity Mall hopes to plant the moral value of understanding and appreciation of each other. As we grew up learning the idiom ‘berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing,” this “Feeding Families” campaign taught us important values of helping each other as a community to thrive for the betterment of the society.

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