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9 July 2013, Kuala Lumpur – The contemporary French bakery and cafe celebrates its 30th anniversary in Asia this year. In line with this significant milestone, Delifrance Malaysia unveiled a new look and ambiance at MidValley Megamall today, offering consumers a superior dining experience. To commemorate this noteworthy event, Jean Manuel, Managing Director, Délifrance Bread and Viennoiserie products, France and International Markets officiated the store launch and joined in local celebrations of the much awaited store opening. Based in France, Jean Manuel had flown in specifically to be with the Malaysian team. This year also marks his 30th year with the company. Read more →

(SEMASA) BlackBerry Malaysia Unveils The BlackBerry Q5


BlackBerry Malaysia Unveils The BlackBerry Q5


Media Launch


(4th July 2013, Thursday) Read more →

(SEMASA) RED BOX promo – 50% Off Head Charge Promotion (1 Jul – 18 Aug 2013)

947136_520980401284592_295184856_nAre you waiting for mid year promotion? Let’s see what we have coming SOON!
Yes, 50% discount to every 3rd person starting from 1st July 13 – 18 Aug 13. Why wait? Quickly plan with your friends & family to enjoy this special discount!

Promotion Period : 1 July – 18 August 2013
Venue : All Red Box & Green Box Karaoke outlets.

Terms and conditions :

  • Visit Redbox in a group of 3 or more to enjoy this discount.
  • Valid on every 3rd person, Multiple free head applicable, (eg. 6 pax check in 2 pax get 50% off on head charge).
  • Valid at all Red Box & Green Box Karaoke only.
  • Valid from lunch hour (11am) onward daily including Public holiday & eve of public holiday.
  • Other terms and conditions applies. Read more →



Häagen-Dazs unveiled its largest campaign to date in all its key markets around the world including Malaysia. The campaign establishes the ‘House of Häagen-Dazs’ and brings to life its philosophy of superior craftsmanship and quality much in the way a fashion house would do. In conjunction with the launch of the House of Häagen-Dazs, the new Secret Sensations in a Pint range and Secret Sensations creations were introduced; which are set to indulge the taste buds of the discerning. Read more →

(SEMASA) ‘Car Boot Sale at Bistari De’ Kota’ batu loncatan buat peniaga baru


Kecelaruan berkenaan konsep ‘Car Boot Sales’ antara pemangkin kepada semangat Mohd Nazim Hj Badruddin atau di kenali sebagai Gigs oleh rakan-rakan rapat, untuk mewujudkan sebuah tempat bagi ‘car boot sales’ yang sebenar. Dengan sokongan moral rakan-rakan, beliau telah mewujudkan satu platform di Kota Damansara yang dikenali sebagai ‘Car Boot Sale at Bistari De’ Kota’ bertempat di Bistari De’ Kota, Jalan Teknologi 3/9, Kota Damansara. Caranya cukup mudah, buka bonet kereta dan pamerkan barang jualan. Barang yang dibenarkan untuk jualan hanyalah barang terpakai. Barangan baru, makanan dan minuman tidak dibenarkan sama sekali. Manakala sewa tapak amat murah, hanya RM10 sahaj untuk satu parking lot. Bayaran inilah yang akan digunakan untuk belanja mengurus, membuat banner, flyers dan urusan promosi lain. Read more →