Kuala Lumpur, May 23 2019: WeChat Pay MY, is elevating the joyful celebration of Hari Raya with a host of gifts for users. As a reward for users during this Ramadhan month, WeChat Pay MY brings consumers two amazing deals with Starbucks and Hari-Hari. The special festive promotion that is currently running will see lucky WeChat Pay MY users enjoy coupons and money packets through its ‘Shake Bonus’ feature.

 According to Jason Siew, CEO of WeChat Pay Malaysia, “Malaysia is such a diverse country of different celebrations and WeChat Pay MY is extremely happy to be able to be a part of that culture. We hope to elevate their experiences by rewarding them with benefits that fit into their lifestyles as well as being in line with the coming Hari Raya festivities.”
Special Coupons at Starbucks & Hari-Hari
Enjoy a nice cup of java at Starbucks after Buka Puasa or find your next Raya outfit at Hari-Hari with WeChat Pay MY. Users are immediately rewarded as soon as they log onto WeChat Pay MY’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WeChatPayMY.official/. Below are the simple ways users can receive coupons on their WeChat Pay MY wallets:
• First log onto WeChat Pay MY’s official FB page. Scroll down where you will find the Hari-Hari barcode to be scanned.
• Scan the QR code and receive a RM5 cash coupon which you can use with a minimum spending of RM10
• For the Starbucks promo, users get to enjoy RM5 off their drinks anytime they spend RM8. Just head over to your nearest Starbucks and redeem your gift
How To Redeem Your Starbucks & Hari-Hari Vouchers
Shake and Win Even More Coupons
In conjunction with the promotions running with Starbucks and Hari-Hari, users can get even more value every time they spend at these two outlets. For a chance to get additional coupons worth up to RM9.90, spend a minimum of RM8 at Starbucks or RM10 at Hari-Hari and users can look forward to the WeChat Pay Shake Bonus. Each of the coupons will be valid for 14 days from the day it is received and only one coupon can be used during a transaction. If a user racks up more than one coupon in his WeChat Pay MY wallet, the one with the highest value will automatically be used first whilst the coupon that expires first will be utilised first if the user has more than one coupon of similar value.
For those who win the coupons, they will have the value of the coupons added to their existing credit in the WeChat Pay MY wallet. One thing to note though, the coupons will expire if the user does not ‘open’ the coupon.
How To Enjoy Shake Bonus
Send Your Loved Ones ‘Duit Raya’ Through WeChat Pay MY
Whether users are here or abroad, they can still keep the tradition of giving out ‘Duit Raya’ with WeChat Pay MY’s in-app feature. No more hassle and no more fuss. Users no longer have to worry about scrambling around looking for Raya packets when everything is now at their fingertips. Here’s how easy and convenient it is:
Step 1: Select the person you want to send your Duit Raya too and choose the Money Packet feature on your WeChat app
Step 2: Enter the amount you would like to send and include a special message to your loved ones
Step 3: Choose your Money Packet envelope
Step 4: Send your Duit Raya
Step 5: The receiver can now open their money packets and the amount will be immediately added to their existing credit
It is that simple!
For more information, users can follow WeChat’s Official Account (WeChat Pay MY) or We WeChat Pay MY’s Official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WeChatPayMY.official.
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