(SEMASA) NEST “Nourish Your Skin with Nature’s Best” 

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Traveling is wonderful in many ways. Living out of our suitcase and travelling the world has us longing for more destinations to visit, cultures to experience, food to eat, and people to meet. For everyone out there who loves travelling, then they must admit that travelling affects our skin due to sun exposure, uncertain weather condition, geographical changes, time zone difference and food intake. This causes our skin to suffer from clogged pores, excess oiliness that causes acne to appear in the morning or even suffer from dull and dryness which will eventually lead to future skin problem.

Hence, NEST – Natural East Skincare, a made in Malaysia skincare innovation made with natural ingredients, Paraben free and pH balance formulation will nourish your skin from within. NEST – Nature Booster Mask and NESTNature Booster Mist made with Grape Seed Extract and Aloe Vera leaf Extract will provide you with essential nutrients for skin protection and hydration especially for avid traveller of all gender, ages and skin types.

NESTNature Booster Mask is able to restore skin hydration and radiance instantly. Enriched with Grape Seed Extract and Aloe Vera leaf Extract, it provides the goodness benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are known for their anti-oxidant benefits to smoothen out the appearance of fine lines and protects facial skin from free radicals. You do not have to worry about your skin getting dry due to sun exposure because NEST – Nature Booster Mask soothes and replenish skin hydration instantly, offering your skin instant boost in hydration and protection from future dehydration.

Furthermore, this peel off mask pH balance formulation maintains your skin pH level at 5.5, while the Bio-Calm Complex calms, restores, and strengthens your skin’s defense system. Make NEST – Nature Booster Mask part of your daily skincare regime or skin pampering session during your free time at the comfort of your “nest”, it will certainly make you feel as great as you look.

Next, stay fresh throughout the day by reviving your skin with NEST – Nature Booster Mist perfect companion for global citizens on the go – whether you are travelling, at work or enjoying scenic experiences across continent. Infused with Grape Seed & Aloe Vera Extract, it nourishes your skin with essential nutrients that help to soothes skin, retain hydration and provide anti-oxidant benefits. This SPF 15 face mist provides instant freshness and shields the skin from powerful UV rays, while its natural ingredients maintain skin’s beauty.

The NEST – Nature Booster Mist provides menthol cooling sensation in a spritz, perfect after sun exposure, enhancing skin condition with its cooling, invigorating and soothing properties. NEST- Nature Booster Mist pH balance formula is suitable for all skin types, while its non-greasy formula controls shine, leaving skin comfortable with no stickiness and greasy residue.

Thus, delay no more – Start your #NESTural skin transformation journey with NEST today. The skincare essentials for outgoing and active lifestyle individual are available in travel-friendly sizes. NEST – Nature Booster Mask 50ml is retailed at RM 49.90 and NEST – Nature Booster Mist 60ml is retailed at RM 59.90, nourishing your skin with all the smoothing, hydration and radiance you need, when and where you need it.

Harvest the nature goodness in NEST available now at its social media account @Nest.Skincare (Instagram) and Natural East Skincare (Facebook) and direct contact at +6017 2494231

For more information on NEST skincare brand, latest promotions, upcoming launches and be part of NEST digital community on NEST official Facebook page: https//:facebook.com/NaturalEastSkincare and NEST official Instagram page: https//:Instagram.com/nest.skincare.

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