(SEMASA) LOL (Lots Of Lambs) by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS

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Give your taste buds a good treat of succulent lamb at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS. Pick from our special menu of lamb dishes. Whether it’s a la carte or meal, platter or wrap, top it up with Baked Spicy Wedges as well as Green House and relish delicious, glorious lamb to your heart’s content!


Period: 24 September till further notice.

Availability: All KRR restaurants.

Also available:

1.     Chicken & Lamb Platter (1/4 Rotisserie-Roasted Chicken, Lamb with Smoked BBQ Sauce, Baked Spicy Wedges & Kenny’s Home-made Muffin) – RM29.80

2.     Lamb Tortilla Wrap (a’ la carte) – RM9.90

3.     Lamb Tortilla Wrap Meal (Lamb Wrap with Classic Garden Salad & Kenny’s Home-made Muffin) – RM18.80

4.     Baked Spicy Wedges (a’ la carte) (with KRR Signature Cheese Sauce) – RM8.00

5.     Green House – RM7.90

Product shown is for illustration purposes only.

*Subject to current Government Tax and 10% Service Charge where applicable

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