Petaling Jaya, May 18th, 2017 Leading footcare expert MyOrtho Rehab Sdn Bhd  (MyOrtho) is back with its annual MyOrtho’s “Feet For Life” National  Foot Health  campaign – which is the country’s most comprehensive full-fledged foot health campaign to address increasing feet problems in the country.


The 3-day event which focuses on educating the public, especially parents with young kids, was officially launched at a media event this morning. The launch will also see the reveal of the official music video for MyOrtho’s “Healthy Feet” single which is sung by popular children’s TV programme host, singer and MyOrtho’s ambassador Melissa Ong. The campaign will run from Friday 19th May to Sunday 21st

May 2017 at the Ground Floor, South Court, Mid Valley Megamall and will continue to offer the very latest foot health education that will benefit the community at large.

The music video can be viewed by the public on YouTube from 3.00 pm today. MyOrtho’s Group CEO, Dato’ Dr Edmund Lee (who is a certified orthotics and medical doctor)  presented insights on feet issues which can effect people from six to sixty, with varying health implications and solutions.

“Everything is an evolution! How man started, one’s career, health, life itself – all these evolve and change every day. This applies to foot health as well; every stage & age brings about a different foot issue.

“Your feet are a key pillar support and structure to the whole body. When the foot is not well, your whole body suffers, which could lead to serious health implications. Very few know that feet problems can be pre-empted if early detection is made by proper and regulated feet check- ups. Did you know that doing an annual check-up or analysis on the feet can help reduce feet issues by 80%” enthused Dato Dr.Lee


From babies, school children, working executives, sportsmen, pregnant women to the sick especially the diabetic, and the aged, can suffer or be inflicted by feet problems. During the press launch, MyOrtho’s renown orthotist shared age-specific foot health insights with all guests at the media launch. MyOrtho also acquainted them to a series of foot wear, suitable for various ages & conditions.

MyOrtho’s range of footwear includes prescription orthotics insoles, prescription orthotics insoles, orthotics for adults, orthotics for kids, diabetic shoes, healthy footwear, Boston Brace for Scoliosis, healthy accommodative shoes, footwear accessories and custom made shoes.

The public who  are unaware  and are concerned  about the status of their feet health, need  not worry  as MyOrtho  also has its own team of consultants  & orthotic

specialists   specially-  trained  in orthotic  therapy  –  who serve  customers  as primary health care  practitioners  for disorders  of the foot and lower leg, offering  diagnosis and treatment,  but also prevention  and rehabilitation   services.

Also attending  the event was Malaysian  supermodel,   actress,  business  entrepreneur and mum, Amber  Chia, who wanted  to be better acquainted  with foot health, especially  for her growing  up child. Foot care should  be observed  since young  as such there  are footwear  that are especially  made to condition  children’s  feet in their early developing  years.


According  to a health  blogpost  NCBI in 2013, foot pain is a common  problem  in Malaysia,  especially  amongst  women.  This  study which  was conducted  to establish the prevalence  of non-traumatic   foot pain and its contributing  factors  amongst  400 young  working  Malaysian  women,  indicated  more than half (68.4%)  of the women with foot  pain in their study attributed  the pain to footwear.

In Malaysia,  most have some form of feet problems  especially  foot pain, stiffness  and aching,  While  older people  tend to have even  higher rates of foot problems,  the alarming  fact is the age of having  feet problems  is getting  younger  over the last decade.   There  has been an increase  in feet problems  amongst  children  and teenagers.

Older  people  are more likely to have foot pain.  If they have a chronic  disease,  the pain most often comes  from corns,  calluses  and toe deformities,  of which  75% are bunions  (a painful  swelling  on the first joint  of the big toe).   Foot pain in younger

people  tends  to come from aching  muscles  and stress  on bones.   About  30% of older people  with foot pain have calluses  and about  15% have corns on their toes.

Most of these  problems  derive from  poorly fitting  shoes,  such as pointy-toed  high­ heeled  women’s  shoes.  Older  or obese  people, women,  and people with diabetes, cardiovascular   disease,  osteoporosis,   knee, hip or back pain have much  higher rates of foot  problems.  For women,  pain in the toes and ball of the foot is much more common  than  in men, and it gets worse with age. However,  pain in the heel tends to decrease  as we get older.


The psychographics   of feet health  have undergone  a stark paradigm  shift with affected  ages getting  younger.  These  has got to do with  lifestyle  changes.

For more  information,  please  logon to www.myortho.com.my.

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