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Melaka, 24h March, 2018. Orthopaedic shoe maker Nottingheel officially  launched their very first Melaka branch at the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall this afternoon. The branch started operations in January 2018 and has since been visited by hundreds of fashion lovers who are concerned for the comfort and health of their feet and their whole body.

Among the VIP guests at the event today were:
1.) CEO and Founder of Style Icon – Datin Maylene Yong
2.) Mr Jason Hee Jee Pin -President, Founder and Organizing Chairman of Miss & Mrs Malaysia Kebaya, Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia and Miss &Mrs Saree Malaysia
3.) Ms Amy Chiew – Founder and Director of Nottingheels
4.) Dr. Balachandran Gopal (Bsc Podiatry NZ.) -Podiatrist of Nottingheels
5.) Mdm Mce Wan -Director of Nottingheels Malacca
6.) Miss Angel Liew – Director of Nottingheels Malacca

Also present at the event today were the finalists of the Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2018 (organized by Miss Malaysia Kebaya) and Miss Grand Melaka 2018, and guests from Miss & Mrs. India Worldwide Malaysia. Nottingheels is the official heel sponsors for these well known beauty pageants and has always been happy to support events with beauty, fashion, and art as their central theme.

Dr. Balachandran. the in-house podiatrist of Nottingheels presented a short speech and health tips on feet and leg care and how Nottingheels shoes help improve the overall health of the feet and the whole body as well as tips for the prevention of different types of feet health issues.


About the Founder
Being a qualified aesthetician, the founder of Nottingheels, Amy Chiew was motivated by a successful female entrepreneur from her hometown in Johor to pursue a career in the beauty and cosmetics industry. During the last two and a half decades, Amy has set up and co-founded several beauty businesses, with its Keep Slim Beauty & Bodycare. successfully making its name as a popular beauty and slimming centre Keep Slim has even managed to open up to eleven outlets locally while expanding its arm via a licensee in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2012

Background and Motivation
Having excelled and witnessed the rise and fall of the slimming industry, an idea was conceived out of the need to diversify her business, in order to neutralize the effects of the downturn. Having personally owned many expensive but ill-fitting shoes, Amy founded Nottingheels in collaboration with a reputable clinical podiatrist, aimed at marketing footwear that focuses on comfort as well as being fashionable. Amy started her orthopaedic shoes (healthy and comfort shoes) business by opening her first outlet at the Bangsar Shopping Centre in 2016, with the second in Subang Jaya in 2017, while a third was opened at the Mines Sun Power Outlet early this year

Business/Commercial Drive
Malaysia was once a well-known and important player in the world of quality shoe making. This once thriving industry has produced international shoe brands, shoe makers and designers, with the likes of the world renown Jimmy Choo leading the way. The world started wearing Malaysian shoes 100 years ago. Today, with a big part of shoe production finding its way overseas and with the lack of proper commercialization, we have reached a point where our skilled craftsmanship and deep-rooted shoe making traditions are about to fade away. Our accomplished shoe makers and designers with exemplary skills developed over the years, and who have been recognised as equivalent or higher than those of pioneer countries like Italy, are unfortunately reduced to taking up menial vocations as lorry drivers painters, and construction workers. If this continues, we will experience the extinction of shoe artis this country soon enough.

We at Nottingheels are determined to make changes and breathe some life back into the Malaysian shoe making industry and business by exploring new avenues of merchandising Malaysian handmade comfort shoes and bringing back the golden era when the world proudly wore and recommended shoes made in Malaysia.

Current Business
NTH Global Sdn Bhd makes hand-made comfort shoes under the brand name Notingheels. All our are tested by our in-house podiatrist and come with a fashionable look, which were excellent enough to be presented at the New York Fashion Week in September 2017, as well as winning the Prof. Jimmy Choo.
Next Designer of the Year 2017 Award in the same year. Dealing with a number of local buyers in Malaysia, we are now expanding our market globally and have successfully negotiated and committed to a number of major buyers around the world. To protect our Intellectual Property, we have registered our trademarks in Malaysia, China, the Europe, and also the US.

For more information about our company and products please visit our website at www.nottingheels.com or our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Nottingheels/

In addition to the utilization of social media and SNS to advertise and promote Nottingheels shoes to local and international customers and to keep up with the trend of the global market and business, we have made our shoes available on various local and international e-commerce platforms, in B2B, B2C and recently B2B2C segments

Since the primary commercial focus at Nottingheels is for the export and international markets, we have sought advice from governmental agencies such as SME Corp and MATRADE who have always given us great support in terms of business matching and export advice provisions. Our team have visited Matrade offices in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York in the US and Seoul in South Korea and have made strong synergies with buyers and franchise seekers in these cities.

Since Nottingheels is considered a marriage of beauty and comfort, we believe that with a good deal of awareness of our unique product offering and features, a customer would rather select Nottingheels over other high-end brands which may be nice to look at but are not comfortable on the feet, or over other comfort shoes which may be too basic and bland in terms of design. Most of our customers may approach our shoes as fashionable and luxurious, but will be surprised at the level of comfort our shoes offer them.


Orthopaedic shoes are footwear designed and developed with proper podiatrist-tested medical consideration fitted with special types of insoles that can improve postural position while standing walking and running.


  • Firm Heel Counter stiffener to trmly grip the ankle
  • Natural Material such as water-based leather and fabric inner linings
  • Customized orthopaedic insole with correct arch support
  • Antibacterial and antifungal insole and inner lining
  • Wider girth or interior volume for better fit and less const
  • rictionStrong rubber outsole that is antifriction, flexible and shock-absorption


  • Base support that cushions the heels
  • Diminishes foot pain and muscle sore
  • Encourage better blood flow of a diabetic person
  • Realign the feet and preserve arches
  • Regulate and boost instinctive gait
  • Provide better mobility for those with chronic foot pains such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis arthritis, tendonitis, bunions and hammertoes


  • Bunion-support shoes
  • Arch-support shoes
  • Comfort insole shoes
  • Midsole wrap soft cushion shoes

Among the 4 types of shoes, Nottingheels has registered the patent for the bunion shoes which is a unique design developed by Nottingheels R&D team.

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