(SEMASA) Sacoor Brothers Dresses Cast and Crew of Terbaik Dari Langit

Bront in Cannes

Sacoor Brothers Friend Bront Palarae’s new film Terbaik Dari Langit made its debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2014 in Japan last night. Dressed head to toe in Sacoor Brothers attire, Bront Palarae exuded elegance as he promoted his latest movie. Since becoming a Friend, Bront has developed a close relationship with Sacoor Brothers and has carried the brand with him through personal milestones. Earlier this year, Bront donned Sacoor Brothers clothing when he attended the Marche Du Film at the Festival De Cannes. Bront will be wearing Sacoor Brothers for the remainder of his stay in Tokyo.

Also dressed by Sacoor Brothers are fellow cast members Iedil Putra, Amerul  Affendy, as well as Director, Nik Amir Mustapha and Producer, Tuan Faisal Azmy for the Gala Night, taking place this Friday, 31 October. The suits that will be worn by the cast and crew are from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection, suitable for the presently cool weather conditions in Tokyo.

A key factor in the success of Sacoor Brothers lies in how it approaches the suit – as a true piece of art. Its distinct silhouette, two-button lapel and subtle details immediately set the modern achiever apart from the crowd. The perfect fit is pursued regardless of time constraints and complexity. It takes more than 40 hours of craftsmanship to create a Sacoor Brothers suit. As a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship, each suit – made from the finest fabrics – bears the Sacoor Brothers logo as a hallmark of its distinguished heritage.

Sacoor Brothers Friend Bront Palarae recognizes the visionary spirit of Sacoor Brothers to create truly exquisite and wearable clothing with European elegance for men and women. Sacoor Brothers is proud of its association with Bront, and hopes to continue to provide him with style solutions as he advances in his career. 24 years on, Sacoor Brothers is now present in key markets around the world, bringing lifestyle apparel with European elegance – coupled with quality, design and value – and its now famous in store personalized service, from Lisbon to Kuala Lumpur.

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