(SEMASA) THE PERFECTSEASON FOR SHARING AND CARING – Indulge  in Tony’s Sharing  Platters  and Onion Loaf Flavor Extravaganza  this holiday  season

Kuala Lumpur, 18 May 2017 –  With  the  upcoming school holidays in Malaysia and Singapore just around the  corner, there will  be lots of fun  activities to  plan with  the family,  be it taking a long­ awaited  trip  or gathering for  a scrumptious  meal. To make this holiday season extra special, Tony Roma’s is offering  its Tony’s Sharing Platters and Onion  Loaf Flavor Extravaganza, which  are the perfect meals for sharing with family and friends.

Tony’s Sharing Platters comprises not one but THREEamazing platters. The Tony‘s Beef Ribs Platter consists of World  Famous Bountiful  Beef Ribs, Half BBO Chicken and 100z. New York Strip Steak for RM169.90*. The Lamb Lover’s Platter  consists of Lamb Ribs Roma Rack, Lamb Cevapi and Half BBQ Chicken at  only  RM149.90*.  For seafood  lovers, the  Lobster &  Friends Platter  offers  an amazing Lobster, Grilled Blue Hake Fish and Salmon Scampi Pasta for  RM1S9.90*. Each platter  comes with three cups of Soup of the Day and three sides of your choice.

The Onion Loaf Flavor Extravaganza is one of Tony Roma’s most cravable menu items and is made from sweet Spanish colossal onions, breaded and deep fried in the restaurant throughout  the day to ensure the freshest, most flavorful taste. For the classiest taste, go ahead and order the Original Loaf or try the new and bold flavors, Honey BBQ Loaf, Ranch Loaf and Cajun Loaf which will leave guests craving for more. Guests can enjoy the irresistible onion loaf at only RMI0.90*  each.

“Tony’s Sharing Platters and Onion Loaf Flavor Extravaganzaare the perfect accompaniment to every entree on the menu, and great for sharing among family and friends this holiday season. What better way to give the family a treat,  so be sure to drop by any of Tony Roma’s outlets in the Klang Valley, Melaka, Johor and Kuching to  enjoy this  feast,”  said George Ang, Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) of Grand Companions Sdn. Bhd, the franchise holder of Tony Roma’s Malaysia.

To make it more interesting, add on any Tony Roma‘s Refreshing Mocktails  at only RM1S.90* each. The Zesty Apple is a blend of refreshing apple juice, ginger ale, cherry and lime soda, Sweet Cherry serves up a combination of lemon, Roma sour mix, strawberry and lime soda, Cranberry Fizz is a fusion of cranberry, apple and mango juices with  a tinge of lime soda and the Miami  Breeze is a mixture of pineapple juice, ginger ale, grenadine, cherry and lime soda.

You can enjoy Tony’s Sharing Platters and Onion  Loaf Flavor Extravaganza everyday at  any time including weekends and public holidays from  22  May until  23 July 2017. The offer  is not applicable with any other on-going promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers.

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