(SEMASA) THR Raaga continues to spread kindness through #hopecouragestrength


Kuala Lumpur, 3th January 2016 – THR Raaga was successfully organised two charity programmes, in line with #hopecouragestrength, a campaign by Astro Radio which focuses on spreading kindness to local community.







In the spirit of #hopecouragestrength campaign, THR Raaga’s announcers together with its listeners visited the KIRTARSH Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Home with substantial supply of beddings, clothing and other daily essentials and even painted the home’s living area. The announcers were also there to entertain 40 children of the home, bringing joy and laughter to them. This event was held at Bukit Beruntung KIRTARSH Home on 30th December 2015, last year.

With children going back to school soon, THR Raaga donated more than 500 school bags filled with stationeries to 10 selected Tamil schools. This initiative aims to help reduce the burden of parents as they prepare their children for the new academic year.

“Our #hopecouragestrength campaign is part of Astro Radio’s commitment towards giving back to the people. I believe that THR Raaga is and will continue to play an active role within the community by rallying our loyal listeners to help the underprivileged,” said Mr. Subramaniam Veerasamy, Content Manager of THR Raaga.

Subramanian added, “We hope that School Bags Donation program will give the poor students a head start in their education, and a better learning journey ahead.  We would also like to thank announcers and sponsors for their continued support and commitment to this program.”

The selection of recipients will be done by the teachers of the respective schools.

Below is the list of selected Tamil schools for the School Bags Donation Drive:-

  • SJK (T) Sg Tinggi
  • SJK (T) Puchong
  • SJK (T) Kerling
  • SJK (T) Bukit Beruntung
  • SJK (T) Dominion
  • SJK (T) Glenmarie
  • SJK (T) Vivekananda
  • SJK (T) RRI
  • SJK (T) Effingham
  • SJK (T) Serdang

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