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Introducing the Timex Limited Edition – Stranger Things, PEANUTS, Space Invaders, & Coca-Cola Collection.

The Timex x Coca Cola 1971

Timex has partnered with The Coca-Cola Company® to launch the 1971 Unity Collection: three limited edition watches—our Timex Standard, Q Timex, and Timex T80—that bring 70s-era peace, love, and harmony to today’s generation

While these iconic American brands may differ in industry, they’ve always aligned on the notion that each of their offerings, be it a vintage-inspired timepiece or an ice-cold bottle of Coke®, equate to more than just the sum of their parts. There’s depth there—the power of which could not have been better communicated than through Coca-Cola’s 1971 “Hilltop” commercial, still widely considered to be one of the most legendary advertisements of all time.

Half a century ago, the simple act of sharing a Coke® became a rallying cry for tolerance and hope. Timex is proud to honour the enduring spirit of the Coca-Cola® legendary “Hilltop” commercial with three commemorative styles that inspire us to make time for what matters — peace, love and harmony.

The 1971 Unity Collection features an iconic peace sign on the beloved Q Timex, retro illustrations on the whimsy Timex T80 featuring the Iconic Hilltop Melody; and a bold, bright Coca-Cola logo smiling across the face of the classic Timex Standard. Detailed with nostalgic, colourful, 70s-inspired designs, this commemorative capsule offers a sunny reminder to embrace opportunities for togetherness wherever they may arise.

The Timex x Coca Cola 1971 Unity Collection is available from RM469-1089 in-store at Vernakular Store, Bangsar.


Timex Collaborates with Netflix’s Stranger Things

Two Cultural Phenomena, Timex and Stranger Things, Bring Nostalgic Elements Out of the Darkness and into the Light with Reimagined Collection of Three 1980s Cult Classic Watches from the Timex Archives

Timex®, the #1 selling watch brand in the United States*, is excited to announce the release of its newest special edition collection in collaboration with Netflix’s Stranger Things. The Timex x Stranger Things collection brings together two cultural phenomena that will turn the watch world Upside Down.

Set in the early 1980s, Stranger Things is rife with retro throwbacks, from synth-heavy musical undercurrents to period-perfect wardrobe aesthetics. For this special edition collection, a brave exploration of the Timex archive has resurfaced three cult classics from this iconic era—Timex Camper, Timex T80, and the unforgettable Timex Atlantis.

“With the Timex x Stranger Things collection, two cult franchises join forces to create a capsule that is intrinsic to this pop culture moment,” says Shari Fabiani, Sr. Vice President Brand Marketing and Creative Services at Timex Group. “Through rich storytelling and ageless design, these special edition styles proudly resurrect one of history’s most expressive decades that transcends through all generations.”

Authentic Stranger Things graphics creep across all three styles within this otherworldly collection. Sported by Lucas Sinclair in the forthcoming season, the original Timex Camper now permeates the shadows with an ominous INDIGLO® backlight and hidden image. The two digital watches, Timex T80 and Timex Atlantis, which made their first debut around the time of Will Byers’ mysterious disappearance in 1983, feature a customized alarm with the Stranger Things melody. Viewers may have already spotted Sheriff Hopper’s Timex Atlantis in previous seasons—an iconic watch Timex has rereleased in his honor. Things really start to get eerie once the clock strikes 3:00pm, revealing a backwards number 3. The reason? Only time will tell.

The Timex x Stranger Things capsule is available in three styles: Camper (40mm), Timex T80 (34mm), Timex Atlantis (40mm), each retailing for RM569. Key features include a stainless-steel bracelet or fabric strap, resin case and strap, INDIGLO® backlight, customized alarm, and much more.

The Peanuts Gang Goes Green

“In this house, we recycle,” says Snoopy. Timex’s first Peanuts™ watches were introduced back in 1969, and in the decades since, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and everyone’s favorite beagle have all found their way across numerous Timex x Peanuts™ watches. This time, Timex’s commemorative Take Care with Peanuts™ collaboration is the part of Peanuts™ worldwide three-part eco-initiative promoting a trifecta that Timex is proud to stand behind: care for yourself, care for each other, and care for the earth.

Featuring everyone’s favorite beagle, Charles Shultz’s iconic Snoopy is plays a feature role in two iconic Timex styles: the Standard, and Weekender. Vibrant tones of green make a splash across each watch throughout the collection from a special green-hue INDIGLO® Backlight on the Timex Standard to the authentic Peanuts graphics, featuring Snoopy treating the planet with kindness and respect. The Timex Standard features Ecco® DriTan™ Leather straps that incorporates revolutionary water-saving technology throughout the tanning and finishing stages. The Timex Weekender, on the other hand, boasts eco-friendly slip-thru straps thoughtfully crafted from recycled plastic to prevent unnecessary waste from ending up in landfills.

To top it off, the Take Care with Peanuts™ collection comes in a recyclable, all-paper packaging— a clean-and-green finishing touch to the wrist-hugging watches that the sustainable future our big, green planet needs to keep on spinning.

The Take Care with Peanuts collection is now available from RM439-599 in-store at Vernakular Store, Bangsar.

We Come In Peace With The Timex T80 X Space Invaders 

Always one for a throwback, the Timex® T80 has returned as the commemorative style for yet another iconic collaboration: TIMEX T80 x SPACE INVADERS®, a classic digital watch reimagined to celebrate the peaceful meeting between two cultural phenoms.

The TIMEX T80 x SPACE INVADERS collection embodies the nostalgia of the 70s to say the least, paying tribute to the game’s 40+ years at the top of the leaderboard, a legacy that began not long before Timex launched its first round of digital watches. As SPACE INVADERS singlehandedly ushered in the golden age of arcade video games in 1978, Timex was marking a turning point in timekeeping.

The TIMEX T80 x SPACE INVADERS features period-correct details such as the commemorative T80 stainless-steel bracelet with a 34mm retro case structure and the pixelated alien “INVADERS” imagery on the lens and case back. The INDIGLO® backlight, gives the watch a straight-out-of-the-arcade feel, as does its three collectible colorways of silver, gold, and black. Of course, the watch is equipped with all the functionality you’d expect from Timex T80: an alarm, stopwatch, date display, and comfortable, ergonomic design at 30-meters water resistance.

Finally, the ultimate game-changer: this watch scores even higher with the ability to play SPACE INVADERS’ unforgettable electronic sounds. In all its 70s glory, the melody is guaranteed to not only launch our alumni back to the era from which it came, but also introduce a new generation to the moment that changed entertainment forever.

The Timex T80 x SPACE INVADERS in available at RM569 in three colors at Vernakular Store, Bangsar.

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