SHAH ALAM, Selangor. (24 October, 2016) –  The second   “ICE-WATCH- Light Up The Night  Run 2016” is fast approaching   and  will take  place   on Saturday,  3 December, 2016. The funky Belgium brand  of watches  is back  in the limelight  once  again  to bring a night of fun & colours into the hearts of fellow  runners which  has made  a prominent presence  after  last veer’s  run.


The run will once  again  take  off and  end  from  the  iconic   Plaza Shah Alam  and  will include  new 5KM & 10KM routes. Additionally, the venue  sponsor, Plaza Shah Alam will provide  ample   & fantastic   F&B and  shopping options  once  again  to the participants prior and  after  the race  with extended   hours until 12 midnight.

This year  sees 2ndSkin  as the  official   T-shirt sponsor  for  all  runners  and   this year’s participants  have  the option  to  choose  either  one  of  the  seven  colours  available   – Blue, Green,  Yellow,  Orange,   Red,  Pink and Purple which   are  truly  unique   to  the embodiment  of  ICE-WATCH’s brand.  Not forgetting   the  iconic  one-of-a-kind  Finisher medals  are  also back  this round  featuring   ICE-WATCH’s exuberant  colours  on  black steel die-cut.

“We  are  once  again  glad  to  be  the  title  sponsor for the  ‘ICE-WATCH- Light Up The Night Run 2016′.  The attributes  of this run mirror those attributes  that we encourage   in our  own   employees  and   in  the  way   we conduct    business –   challenging   limits, commitment   to  long-term   vision,  and  doing   things  differently”   said Dato’   Sri Meer Habib,  Chairman   of ICE-WATCH Malaysia, who  is the  sole exclusive  distributor  of the brand  here.


‘The ‘ICE-WATCH- Light Up The Night Run 2016′ was created   to support  and  enhance the sport of running in a way  that will positively affect  the people  and  communities of Malaysia,  especially  among  the nation’s  youth,” said Dato’  Sri Meer.  ‘The goal is to not only help youngsters develop   their physical  selves, but also to instill in them the spirit of competition,  determination  and inspiration — all characteristics that will serve them well throughout their academic    and working  lives.”

“This is our  second  year  working  with  ICE-WATCH whom  has continued   to  achieve prominence  across the global  timepiece   market  and  we  are proud  to be associated with   the   brand    and   we   look   forward   to creating    another    unforgettable   race experience”  said by Hafiz Md Khas, Project Director  of The Marathon Company.

There will also be timepieces worth  up RM700 each for the Top 5 Male & Top 5 Female runners from the  10 KM competitive  category.

The  ultimate   crowd-pleaser   this  year   will  see  ICE-WATCH gift  random   registered participant   of the race with RM 1,000,000 worth of timepieces worth  up to RM699 each. Fans & avid  runners can  expect   the  uber  cool watches   to be  even  cooler  than  last year’s watches  and  of course  better  value  than ever before.


In  addition,    as  part   of  the   title   sponsorship deal,   ICE-WATCH will  also  offer   all participants  a one-time purchase  of their Ice Style collection   @ RM99per  timepiece, per participant   who successfully register for the ICE-WATCH Light Up The Night Run 2016 which   is valued   at  RM699. This may  be  redeemed    at  any  time  between  1st  till  31St December   2016 with  the voucher  provided  in their respective  race  kits.

For more  information on the  ‘ICE-WATCH- Light Up The Night Run 2016’, please  follow the below:

ICE-WATCHMalaysia Official  Facebook  – www.facebook.com/ice.watch.my

ICE-WATCHMalaysia Officiallnstagram  – www.instagram.com/ice    watch   malaysia

The Marathon   Company   Facebook  – www.facebook.com/themarathoncompany

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