(SUKAN) Malaysian Athletes Share Their ONE Wish For Merdeka This Year

To Malaysia’s finest martial arts talents, representing the country means everything to them. Whether it is putting out a heartful performance in victory or defeat or flying the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ to any of the countries they travel to – nothing could beat the feeling of making the country proud on an international stage.

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day on Saturday, 31 August, some of these warriors took time off their hectic schedule to share their one wish for Merdeka this year.

Bali-based flyweight standout Gianni Subba hopes that Malaysians start respecting and treating one another equally.

Malaysia has always been a multi-racial country. But at times disunity still exists as the 26-year-old shared.

“If I could have one wish for Merdeka, it would be for us to stop identifying and treating people differently just because they are of a different race or religion,” The Bali MMA athlete said.

Although it is something which Malaysia is known for, he feels that it is one of the biggest challenges faced by the government.

“The diversity of race and cultures makes Malaysia great, but it is also one of the biggest obstacles to our progress as a nation.”

“Let the character and the qualifications earned by the people determine their path, nothing else.”

Younger brother Keanu Subba also shared a similar sentiment. The Kuala Lumpur native feels that the journey towards a more peaceful nation starts at home.

“Most Malaysians want a change, but really, the change starts at home. We’ve got to change first instead of hoping for everyone and everything else to change,” the 25-year-old pointed out.

The Monarchy MMA athlete who competes in the featherweight division adds that the change in character, will in turn lead towards a more joyful atmosphere.

Speaking of joy, that is atomweight sensation Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan’s one wish ahead of Malaysia turning 62 on the end of the month.

The 20-year-old athlete wants every Malaysian to embrace various values, which helped her throughout her mixed martial arts career.

“I hope all Malaysians can be more patient, rational, cheerful, and understanding. Also, I hope they respect and honor one another.”

“With these, Malaysia will be a more harmonious country, and with harmony comes prosperity to a nation.”

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Video link #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJjQ24uCuPo

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