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(SEMASA) MSI lancarkan barisan terbaru NOTEBOOK untuk peminat tegar “permainan atas talian”


MSI Pacific INT’L Holding Co LTD, yang merupakan pengeluar perkakasan komputer terkemuka telah melancarkan barisan baru komputer riba ( NOTEBOOK) untuk peminat tegar “permainan atas talian” (online games) untuk pasaran Malaysia. MSI memperkenalkan 7 jenis komputer riba antaranya GT70, GT60, GS70, GS60, GE60, GE70 dan GP60. Read more →

(SEMASA) Press Release : Malaysia MSI NB new product launch


For years, Micro Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI) has been dedicated to the development of advanced technologies of gaming notebooks. MSI now launches its new generation gaming notebooks with exclusive features– Super Raid 2, Cooler Boost 2, Matrix Display and Killer Doubleshot— that will take games’ breath away! A speed booster Super Raid 2 makes reading and writing speed 15 times faster than the speed of using one hard disk; Cooler Boost 2 blows heat away and keeps your palm cool; Matrix Display let you work multi-tasking; and Killer Doubleshot let you respond faster in time-conscious FPS games! MSI Malaysia rolled out the latest generation notebooks including new generation of MSI flagship notebook GT70 Dragon edition 2 and GT70 2OD, GX70 3BE, GE70 2OE, and brand new products GS70 and GE40 2NC. Read more →