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(SEMASA) NIGHTOGRAPHY after #LifeWithGalaxy #TEAMGALAXY Voice of Consumers with Galaxy S22+ | S22

We live in an era where we snap away as we go, capturing memories all day and night. We truly understand that it can be a little challenging to capture these precious moments. With Nightography: a revolutionary combination of hardware and software in the Galaxy S22 Series, you can now capture night and low light photography in a breeze. Read more →

(SEMASA) #LifeWithGalaxy – Bridging Dreams to Life

Each of us, deep down inside, has that little part where we dream to be somebody. The dreamer inside us may manifest in different ways to represent the desires we keep to ourselves. Some may dream to be an artist. Some may dream to reach for the stars. For established designer Celest Thoi, her sharp-sighted mind coupled with an attraction to wedding gowns made her life’s journey true and clear – granting the wish of every bride out there of having a perfect gown to complete their dream wedding. Read more →