(SEMASA) DOOGEE X5 MAX Bringing 4000mAh battery, and Android 6.0

mmQQ图片20160516180446jpgAs the upgraded version of X5, the best seller and best performance-price ratio smartphone in 2015, X5 MAX will be the new best performance-price ratio smartphone in 2016. It is equipped with 4000mAh battery. The capacity rises 67% than X5. Thanks to the integration of Android 6.0 and CPUY, the X5 MAX achieves 12.5 hours standby while several applications running, which amounts to 2.5 days standby in normal. It is very extraordinary!

It is the latest Android 6.0, which have the App permission. It become more clarity, to protect you from malicious intrusion ,bring you a refreshing experience.

There is a video about the battery PK between X5 MAX and iPhone6 Plus. They play the same movie for 1 hour, and we test the battery situation. Then X5 MAX wins!


Now the X5 MAX can be already bought on our authorized reseller, here is the sell link:


Here are other selling points of X5 MAX just for reminder:

4000mAh battery

360° fingerprint sensor with 7 functions

Metal coating out frame, polished curved edge

8.0 MP + 8.0 MP cameras, 36 beauty profiles for your selfies with 4 functions shutter

Dual ID

UI Customized based on Android 6.0


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