ELYZA’S®, Malaysia’s leading window dressing specialist and premier supplier of fine furnishing fabrics, introduces its exquisite 2014 fabric collections as well as their partnership with world-renowned fashionable blind systems supplier Coulisse Netherlands BV. Following the appointment as the main distributor of Coulisse Blinds and Motorised Systems, ELYZA’S® will continue their commitment towards providing a complete range of window dressing products and services to enrich the personal style and enhance the living quality of homeowners.


Armed with over 20 years of strong market presence in the window dressing and home furnishing industry, ELYZA’S® has always made it their mission to inspire people with the limitless possibilities of window dressing and home décor, by assisting people to transform their homes into comfortable, exquisite living spaces. “Window dressing is not only an important element of interior decoration; it also plays an essential role in enhancing our personal style and living quality. I always believe that every window of every home is like a unique individual; it has its own character and personality that should be dressed distinctively and stylishly,” said Elyza Yong, Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Elyza’s Home (M) Sdn. Bhd.

With an aim to help homemakers meet their functional needs and find a perfect match with the interiors and design concepts for their home, ELYZA’S® unveils ten new fabric collections with four design themes – Classic, Contemporary, Country, and Urban – to suit different individuals’ taste. “We realize that each individual customer has their very own unique taste and preferences. Therefore, our new fabric collections consist of a good balance of the four major design themes and extensive choices made with an intention to pamper our customers” said Yong.

As modernisation intensifies and urbanisation expands today, ELYZA’S®  has foreseen a rising trend of glass walls and duplex (double-height) windows used in current architectural and building developments, especially in premium residences such as condominiums, studios, serviced suites, bungalows, and luxurious houses. “Looking at the increasing trend in double-height windows, we are also launching a few double-width fabric collections and a series of drapery products this time to cater for this growing demand,” Yong continued.

In conjunction with the launch of the new 2014 fabric collections, ELYZA’S® also introduces a range of fashionable blind systems by world-renowned blind supplier Coulisse Netherlands BV into the Malaysian market. Coulisse Netherlands BV is a leader in supplying window decoration components and various blind systems including roller, panel, Venetian, vertical and pleated blinds as well as motorised systems.

“Apart from expanding our fabrics range, we also endeavour to source for quality window dressing products for our customers in order to fulfill the various needs and requirements of our customers,” said Yong. With the combination of two market leaders in the respective fields, ELYZA’S® is well-poised to be at the forefront of the window dressing industry as they aim to provide the complete one-stop window treatment solution.“We believe that with the introduction of the Coulisse Blind Systems, we are able to provide more and better choices for our existing customers as well as to develop the upper-middle commercial contract markets,” Yong added.

For more information on ELYZA’S® latest promotions, please visit http://www.elyza.com/ or contact customer service at +603 9074 4002 / 603 9074 4006.

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