(SEMASA)  G-SHOCK x Against Lab  Launches Special Collaborative Masterpiece

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Malaysia, 27th May 2022 — Without a doubt, G-SHOCK, complementing its name, is a brand that is not afraid to tap into the unknown, with bold yet classical designs that are made for all. Today, Casio is officially announcing the remarkable collaboration model with Against Lab, a Malaysian streetwear brand that embraces hustlers. For the very first time, Casio collaborated with Against Lab in launching a limited-edition G-SHOCK DW-6900AL22 timepiece, only available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Back in the 90s, DW-6900 was the first G-SHOCK to feature the EL backlight, and it’s still around, keeping it classic and versatile altogether. As “Triple Graph” continues to be a unique LCD display for this model and the timepiece remains shock-resistant with 200-meter water resistance, this collaboration between G-SHOCK and Against Lab really screams “the spirit of the underdogs”.

Inspired by the human mental toughness of folks who wake up daily to life challenges, this collaboration embodies the ultimate Malaysian spirit – The Grind. For Malaysians, anytime is the right time to grind. Built by toughness, durability, as well as resilience, this limited-edition timepiece captures the essence of what Malaysian Grinds are made of, especially motorcyclists. Motorcyclist spirits reflect the ethos of G-SHOCK, both are built and made out of the same pillars.

Today, motorcycles are a staple in Malaysia; meant to be affordable, easy to maintain, fast and reliable. It is used as a tool to conduct businesses or to accomplish daily tasks, just name it. From the delivery men to the friendly neighborhood roti men, almost everyone gets their work done with a motorcycle.

The design language of motorcycle components is adopted as the main design element for this collaboration. The overall look is matte black packed with subtle details. The unique elements are the custom AGAINST tire tread graphic and the brand slogan “ALL ENDEAVOUR, NO SURRENDER”, both printed on the watchband.

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