(SEMASA) ‘KTM 1050 ADVENTURE’ The Dynamic Travel Enduro

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KTM developed the 1050 ADVENTURE for all those who are looking for a high quality and dynamic travel enduro, but still considering easy access and reasonable costs as important attributes. That said the new entry-level model of the travel range is all but austerely equipped or technically reduced. Quite to the contrary: this is a genuine KTM, with cutting-edge engine technology and a top quality suspension that holds up to any comparison. In addition, it has useful and contemporary equipment capable of handling challeng-es that go far beyond the daily commute. Also, the bike has talents that many passionate bikers probably rate very highly: at a dry weight of only 212kg and 95hp of maximum output, the newcomer has an extremely favourable power-to-weight ratio, as well as a fuel mileage and insurance rating that go easy on the purse.
Furthermore, thanks to its low seat height of only 850mm, it is easily handled even by smaller riders, especially since the narrower tires on rugged cast alloy wheels make for notably greater agility.


Moreover, the refined V2 engine with a highly advanced engine management and ride mode technology including traction control offers everything a top quality travel enduro needs. Especially in view of the fact that the KTM engineers have tuned the engine perfectly for maximum in-gear acceleration. And the extremely rigid KTM trellis frame, the sus-pension with its first-rate WP components, the unsurpassed brakes by global market leader Brembo and the disengage-able antilock brakes with optional offroad mode are above any doubt.

All of that lets the new KTM 1050 ADVENTURE cover a wide range of applications, mastering all its assigned tasks with flying colours. Tasks that range from enjoyable cruising to aggressive cornering, from daily commuting to holiday trips and even extended adventure journeys with excursions into the fascinating world beyond the tarmac. With its well-balanced total package, its impressive dynamism and its exemplary safety, even this youngest member of the ADVENTURE range reflects the traditional brand values of KTM. Thanks to its long-distance capabilities, its versa-tility and razor-sharp accuracy, it is a genuine alternative in the segment of large dual-sport motorcycles.ktm3

At the same time, not the least due to its price and the long, 15,000km service intervals, it is a top option for purists, switchers, and thanks to an optional power reduction to 48hp, even for new riders. Those to whom all of that still is not enough, will surely find what they need in the comprehensive KTM accessory range in order to prepare the KTM 1050 ADVENTURE to meet their individual requirements. KTM has everything to lift a traveller’s heart, no matter if you use your KTM 1050 ADVENTURE for short weekend hops, extended holiday journeys or even adventure travelling – from a luggage system to heated seats and grips, to an alarm system.

The CKD version of the awesome KTM 1050 Adventure comes with a reasonable basic selling price of RM68,888.

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