(SEMASA) SOUL Electronics Unveils Christmas & New Products Line-up for 2016

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MALAYSIA, November 2015 – SOUL Electronics is a global leader in consumer electronics and manufacturing, with a rich history in delivering innovative technology concepts. For 2016 & this Year End /Christmas, SOUL has something for everyone under the tree! Music lover & Sports fanatics of the family can keep active this Christmas with SOUL must-have fitness accessories & Music companion, including the PULSE, RUN FREE PRO_FIRERED & TRANSFORM.

For the best Christmas party, look no further than the STORM speaker, a floatable wireless Bluetooth speaker that offers high performance in quality and features where music can be shared with family and friends in any location, including in the pool party.

  1. PULSE [RCP : RM219]
  1. STORM [RCP : RM259]
  1. TRANSFORM [RCP : RM740]

cropsoul 1 cropsoul 2 cropsoul 3 cropsoul 4 cropsoul 5 cropsoul 6 cropsoul 7 cropsoul 8



PULSE Storm Transform


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