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Motor Image Malaysia, the authorised distributor of Subaru vehicles in Malaysia, today launched the all-new Forester 2.0XT. The fourth generation Forester delivers enhanced user-friendliness, comfort and a fun-to-drive character through improved driving performance and ride quality. The launch was launched at Highstreet Concourse, One Utama Shopping Complex.


The all-new Forester features:

  • Superior driving performance and ride quality powered by the new-generation Boxer engine combined with Lineartronic transmission
  • X-MODE, a new All-Wheel Drive control system
  • Excellent fuel efficiency and safety performance
  • A redesigned cabin with spacious cargo space and a new power-lift tailgate operated by push-button
  • A new Direct Injection Turbo engine

subaru 2small

The Subaru Forester 2.0XT model features Subaru’s Horizontally-Opposed Direct Injection Turbo (DIT) engine. Combined with the brand’s high-torque, responsive Lineartronic transmission, the Boxer engine ensures that the vehicle delivers a more dynamic and enjoyable driving experience with increased mid-to-low range torque and smoother acceleration. Environmentally friendly technologies have also been designed to reduce friction and improve combustion efficiency, achieving superior fuel efficiency.

At the core of the Forester is Subaru’s unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive technology (AWD) that provides a sense of stability and allows for quick response to challenging road conditions. Enhancing the AWD’s ability is a newly developed X-mode control system that is designed for any driver to easily navigate on tough roads, handle slippery surfaces or steep hills with just one switch.

The new Forester also comes with SI-DRIVE, an added feature to significantly enhance drivability. The Forester 2.0XT provides options of “Intelligent”, “Sports” and “S# (Sports sharp)” modes that allow the driver to easily switch between varying levels of responsiveness and fuel efficiency.

Superior crash safety performance has been achieved with the all-new Forester, thanks to the specially designed body made with high tensile steel that reduces the vehicle’s weight while retaining high rigidity.

From a design and comfort viewpoint, the new Forester is larger and roomier than its predecessors with a redesigned cabin. A wide field of view for all seats and spacious visibility for stress-free driving have also been achieved in the redesign. Drivers will also get more convenience on-the-go with expanded cargo space and a new power-lift tailgate operated by push-button, a first for Subaru.

The all-new Forester is available for booking from July 2013 at all Subaru showrooms across Malaysia.

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