(SEMASA) ZOPO is officially launched in Malaysia

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Mr Lee (VP of Zopo China) & Mr Wilson Koay (MD of Zopo Msia) launching together of ZOPO Msiasmall

ZOPO is officially launched in Malaysia on 23rd of July 2014 as the first milestone of Zopo Malaysia. For all of this time, the industry can only do the cost-ineffective products which with a high specifications smartphone created a higher pricing mobile market. It is hardly to purchase a low cost mobile yet with a high specifications smartphone. Even it is possible to do but there is no guarantee on the after sales service and the quality control.

Today, on 23rd of July 2014, ZOPO as an international brand from China held the first Malaysia’s launching in capital Kuala Lumpur & a 5 star rate hotel. The new technology of ZOPO’s innovation selfie-smartphone ZP998 is predicted to bring out a new smart’s experience. It has the big screen of 5.5 inches with trendy outlook, magic selfie face beauty function (make very face  look beautiful and wonderful), high specifications and most important the cost-effective price. Malaysia’s smartphone users have the choice to have affordable hi-spec product starting today.

Malaysia’s ZOPO brand director Mr.Wilson Koay stated that:

2011    ZOPO established in China

2012    ZOPO brand first launching in China

            Opening of ZOPO Concept Stores in China

ZOPO products vary from Dual-Core to Quad-Core and first glass-free 3D screen to Full HD Screen. The innovative attitude of the company has bring the smartphone era with brand new smart experience. Therefore, they successfully involve themselves in Hong Kong’s market.

2013    ZOPO’s innovation has combined the software and hardware to form a different smart experience product.

            ZOPO China deal with Alibaba as strategic partner.

Their first smartphone breaks the sales record of TianMao.com. they have been sold 20000units of smartphone within 3 days. ZOPO’s O2O Marketing Model has speed up  the journey of worldwide branding. They have achieved a successful O2O model, systematic international market operation, well-known products quality, worldwide after sales service concept and the perfect smart experience. Following of the succeed of ZOPO, they have opened the market of Europe countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia and etc. ZOPO has achieved a worldwide branding of 32 countries, and over 100 Offline Experience stores.

One of our ZOPO Malaysia Ambassador, Datin Maylene Yong shared, “I have been experienced the ZP998 and I found that it has a few unique specifications. First of all, a breakthrough of Octa-core Processor completed with a 5.5 inches screen has made it a business purpose smartphone. Some more, it is completed with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM ( Expandable up to 64GB), a selfie camera of 5MP, 14MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture. Its up-to-date hardware combination with round and metalic side edge designs. Besides that, i am in love with the dual sim card support feature. It helps me to ease my job needs. I am able to contact people easily wihtout giving up my local sim card in oversea.  As a selfie smartphone, the face beauty function is perfect enough to make a adorable selfie, as well as the NFC function which shocked me, smart wake feature, and the wet fingers sentitivity features. As a conclusion, i am very satisfy with the ZOPO ZP998.”

At the end of the launching presentation, they have explained about their future 4G products strategy. There are more and more products coming in the future.

Malaysia’s well known event & artiste management, actor and director Brian Lee turns up to be launching master of ceremony and the brand ambassador. The founder & president of Glitterama Ladies Charity Group & Mrs Asian International Beauty 2012/2013 – Datin Maylene Yong , Founder & Chief Creative Director of A CUT ABOVE & Most successful Women 2013 by Jessica Magazine – Datin Winnie Loo, Singer/Model/Actress & Miss Beauty Queen of The World 2001 – Chelsea Chil, Miss Teen International 2014 & Miss International Tourism Malaysia 2014 & Miss World Malaysia 2nd Runner Up 2013 bringing a huge exposure in the market as ZOPO Brand Ambassador. Currently, they have set up 23 after sales service point including the great service concept of 7 days 1 to 1 exchange and guarantee 15 days servicing period.

It is not difficult to find ZOPO products. Mr.Wilson stated that they have developed the business into Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, Sabah, inclusive of 15 cities nationwide. Or log on www.zopomobile.com.my to purchase ZOPO products.

In the coming 2 years, ZOPO wants to create a well recognised branding instead of leading top ranking in the country. We want to create great satisfaction among the users through our fast servicing and the innovation of products and technology. Last but not least, Mr.Wilson stated that in the next 2 years, ZOPO will involve themselves tremendously in most of the main cities of Malaysia.

This Friday 25th July 2014, ZOPO Malaysia will be launching and promoting in Penang and more road show in promoting ZOPO in Malaysia’s market.

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