(SUKAN) How Ev Ting Combats Stress In His Career

Malaysia’s lightweight sensation Ev “E.T.” Ting may be a full-time martial artist, but the 29-year-old never stops in his quest to fulfill a career outside of the Circle.

The Auckland MMA athlete grabs every opportunity that comes, but at times the ONE Championship athlete admits that stress does get the better of him.

However, just like he has consistently done in the Circle, Ting combats the negative vibes in various ways.

“There are multiple ways to fend off a stressful situation. First, is food. Food is often used as a stress relief in honesty, and with sugar, it is also something which can temporarily satisfy a consumer,” the Auckland-based martial artist pointed out.

“Take a break too, and enjoy nature. Hiking, surfing, flying, and road-tripping through nature does unstudied wonders for anyone’s well-being.”

“Last but not least is to spend time with your circle of family, friends, teammates, or perhaps your dog.”

Ting, a former ONE Lightweight World Title contender, always chooses to look at things from a positive perspective regardless of the situation. Even in certain downfalls during his mixed martial arts career.

“Stress affects every individual differently, and it is part of any journey. You should be worried if there is no stress at all,” the athlete shared.

The Auckland-based mixed martial artist who is a month removed from his 17th career victory in Kuala Lumpur against Japan’s Daichi Abe further broke down what stress means to him.

“The way I see it is intrinsic or extrinsic stress releases the hormone cortisol in your body which affects your digestive system, nerves, mood, and energy.”

“So, to fend off these situations, you plan, balance your time, and keep yourself busy with activities that release the opposite, endorphins and serotonin.”

Ting has discovered throughout his years of competition that living the life of a martial artist has its ups and downs.

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Video link #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLMMhGGBoWA&t=1s

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