(SUKAN) ‘Jordan Boy’ Breaks Down The Eight Tools Of Muay Thai

Muay Thai’s effectiveness in the striking department is evident. The traditional art from Thailand remains one of the most productive techniques in mixed martial arts.

Muay Thai has always had a huge following in Malaysia, but the introduction of ONE Super Series last year redefined the sport in the local martial arts scene.

Eager to know what the “art of eight limbs” stands for? Malaysia’s Muay Thai talent Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Bin Mahmoud breaks down the eight parts of the human body that can be put to good use in the Circle.


In Muay Thai, the elbows are the short-range tools of this striking art.

“There are a variety of elbows you can throw. Among them are an uppercut, downward, diagonal, and horizontal elbow,” Mohammed shared.

During his debut at ONE: MASTERS OF DESTINY in December 2018, the Kedah native sent his foe to the mat with a perfectly timed horizontal elbow. It remains one of his strongest tools.

But Mohammed pointed to Jonathan “The General” Haggerty as an athlete who uses elbows to perfection.

His match-up against Sam-A will go down as one of the most memorable performances from a Muay Thai specialist in the Circle.


Punches are the “first-day” moves of any martial artist. In Muay Thai, you have the same traditional punches you would find in other martial arts.

The typical and most basic punches include the jab (mat nueng), the cross (mat trong), the hook (mat wiang san), and the uppercut (mat soi dao), which are all thrown with different purposes in mind.


One of the more unique aspects of Muay Thai is the knee strikes. The knees are crucial to any athlete in a clinch.

“The knees are just as important as your punches, too, because if it hits, it does shock your opponent,” Mohammed shared.

Any part of the knee bone can be used to strike, this includes the lowest point of the femur, the patella, and the upper parts of the tibia.

Basic moves include the long knee or straight knee (khao trong), the circular/horizontal knee (khao tat), the flying knee (khao loi), and the diagonal knee (khao chiang).

Feet and Shins

Kicks are a staple in any form of striking. In Muay Thai, the teep or push kick refers to the linear movement of the whole lower limb jabbing into your opponent.

“Teeps are useful, and if timed right, you could send your opponent backward as it lands with high force,” the 23-year-old Mohammed shared.

The move can be thrown to multiple spots on the body, including the face, chest, midsection, hip, and patella.

Roundhouse kicks, on the other hand, could be the most rewarding form of a kick. The roundhouse is capable of causing major injuries and sending someone onto the mats.

Just observe how ONE Super Series’ Muay Thai icon  Yodsanklai Fairtex smashes his opponents with his barrage of kicks.


Video link #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMdCQUTti_E&t=1s

Video link #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHEVZaOkUzE

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