(SEMASA) Bosch unveils new Bosch Experience Centre at Publika to better connect and engage with consumers, shares product direction for 20


Bosch, Europe’s leading household appliance brand, has officially launched its new Bosch Experience Centre in Publika Shopping Gallery as part of its initiative to bring its innovative products closer to consumers. The momentous occasion is timely as the company looks to expand its distribution channels in the upcoming year, as well as investing more focus on the key market segments for the brand.

Unveiled in a joyous celebration, the Bosch Experience Centre offers a showcase of the latest Bosch household products, ranging from large appliances to smaller kitchen utensils like. In partnership with Toong Heng Electronics Sdn Bhd, an electronic products retail expert; the new Bosch Experience Centre enables consumers to personally experience and be informed on the world-renowned German technology in household appliances.

In addition, the experience centre offers Bosch an opportunity to engage with its consumers and understand their current needs and lifestyle, subsequently recommending efficient solutions to their house chores and daily routine. It also parallel to insights pertaining to consumers’ purchase habits, as recent studies showed in-store touch points and word of mouth are key source of information when consumers make purchase decisions on home appliances.


More Touch Points by Expanding Distribution Channels


The opening of the new Bosch Experience Centre also serves as a prelude to Bosch’s business direction for 2015, which is increasing customer touch points to make its products more accessible to consumers. The company is set to strengthen its presence in Malaysia through partnerships with leading retailers in the market, as well as establishing more Bosch Experience Centres in Malaysia.

“Consumers today are more discerning and are willing to pay premium for home appliances that offer great quality, reliability and special features, which resonate very well with Bosch’s innovative range of household appliances. With the rapid development in Malaysia, we see great potential and opportunities for business growth; hence we look forward to strengthen our foothold in the market,” said Gary Ong, Chief Executive Officer of BSH Home Appliances Malaysia.


Emphasis on Laundry and Cooking Appliances for 2015

The year 2014 saw laundry appliances driving the overall sales performance for Bosch Home Appliances in Malaysia, which sets the tone and direction for the company’s product direction for the upcoming year. Bosch is looking to invest more efforts and resources to market its innovative range of front-load washing machines, with emphasis on efficiency through the brand’s proprietary VarioPerfect™ technology.

Invented with consumers’ varying lifestyles and preferences in mind, the VarioPerfect™ technology offers the flexibility of choosing from two different modes that offer cleaner, more efficient wash without compromising on results. The EcoPerfect option could save consumers 66% on energy consumption, and up to 30% on their monthly electricity bills – ideal for both environment and cost-conscious customers. If time is of the essence for users with hectic schedules, they can opt for the SpeedPerfect mode instead, which reduces the washing programme time by up to 60%.

Bosch’s new range of washers are also equipped with EcoSilence Drive – a brushless motor that eliminates any high frequency motor brush noises, making every washing cycle extremely quiet. The brushless motor is also very durable, and comes with a 10-year warranty, offering longevity for the product, as well as a peace of mind for consumers when they purchase Bosch’s washing machines for their laundry chores.

Bosch is also looking to expand its cooking range business in the local market, leveraging on the increasing popularity of open concept kitchens, which consumers will naturally opt for aesthetically appealing kitchen appliances. To cater to this demand, Bosch will be introducing new series ovens and compact ovens by the first half of 2015, boasting a stylish yet minimalistic design that fits seamlessly into any kitchen designs and elements.

Greater emphasis will also be invested in pushing the brand’s Asian range cooking appliances for the local market, covering the Asian layout of gas, induction and hybrid hobs, as well as oil collector hoods. Equipped with Bosch’s proprietary “IntelliLink” technology, which seamlessly connects both the hob and hood; the hob sends wireless signal to the hood whenever it is switched on and off to automatically extract grease and odour to ensure the stove is clean and odour-free.

With new products within its pipeline for 2015, as well as the company’s strive to grow its touch points in key areas within Malaysia, Bosch is on the right track to expand its market presence, market share as well as surpassing its existing performance.

 For more information, visit  www.bosch-home.com.my

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