(SEMASA) Prudential Malaysian Eye releases names of 21 artists to exhibit in Kuala Lumpur

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Parallel Contemporary Art (PCA), organiser of the PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE exhibition, is pleased to announce that 21 Malaysian contemporary artists have been selected to showcase their work at the exhibition, which will open on 29 March, and run until the end of April at the Whitebox, mapKL at Publika.


The artists are:

  1. Andrew Chong Boon Pok
  2. Anne Samat
  3. Azli Wahid
  4. Azrin Mohd
  5. Chang Fee Ming
  6. Chee Eng Hong
  7. Chong Ai Lei
  8. Chong Kim Chiew
  9. Chong Siew Ying
  10. Eiffel Chong
  11. Hasanul Isyraf Idris
  12. Kim Ng
  13. Kow Leong Kiang
  14. Phuan Thai Meng
  15. Ramlan Abdullah
  16. Seah Ze Lin
  17. Sun Kang Jye
  18. Hasnul Jamal A. Saidon
  19. Khairuddin Zainuddin
  20. Sabri Idrus
  21. Ahmad Shukri Mohd

PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE is curated by Serenella Ciclitira, founder of the Global Eye Programme; Nigel Hurst, CEO of London’s Saatchi Gallery; and Chang Tsong-Zung, director of Hanart TZ Gallery and guest professor at the China Art Academy. The exhibition will feature a range of works across various media, including painting, multimedia installation, sculpture and photography.

Serenella Ciclitira said: “We have received immense support from the local art community as we uncovered Malaysia’s young and emerging talents. We hope PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE will not only serve as a comprehensive look at contemporary Malaysian art, but cast a gaze upon the diverse and rich narratives Malaysia has to share with the world.”

Leading life insurer Prudential who is sponsoring the exhibition has partnered with the British Council for a creative education programme, which will engage secondary and higher education students in Malaysia. Artists’ forums will provide an opportunity for students to learn about local contemporary art showcased at PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE and engage directly with artists and curators via face-to-face discussions and digital recordings.

This creative education programme leverages the UK’s extensive experience in the field of creative education to provide a long-term legacy, promoting creativity in the country through the medium of art and English.

Stephen Forbes, East Asia Regional Programmes Director of the British Council, said: “The British Council is looking forward to working with the Prudential and Global Eye Programme on this exciting Creative Education Programme in Malaysia. PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE brings together our shared interests in the arts and in encouraging creativity.  Creativity, for the British Council, is an essential element of education for people embarking on their careers in the 21st Century. We are confident that, working through teachers, the natural creativity of young people can be nurtured and developed.”

PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE is part of the Global Eye Programme (GEP), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting emerging artists, established by PCA and Saatchi Gallery. The initiative will also see the launch of a seminal art reference book “Malaysian Eye: Contemporary Malaysian Art” that will feature a wide variety of Malaysian art with the works of some 75 Malaysian artists.

The exhibition and book will be launched by Prudential Corporation Asia Chief Executive Barry Stowe, curators Serenella Ciclitira and Nigel Hurst and PCA founder David Ciclitira, on 28 March.

Prudential Corporation Asia is the title sponsor of PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE, which is part of a series of contemporary art exhibitions known as the Asian Eye. Prudential has supported Indonesian Eye (2011), Hong Kong Eye (2013) and the Prudential Eye Awards held in Singapore earlier this year. To date, a total of 17 Asian Eye exhibitions have attracted over two million people worldwide.

Barry Stowe said: “This year, we mark our 90th year in Malaysia, and we are thrilled to be presenting you with Malaysian Eye. Prudential has a long tradition of giving back to the communities we live in, and we are honoured to be supporting local talent and providing greater exposure for Malaysian artists. We hope that this exhibition and the related Malaysian Eye book, will broaden the audience who experience and appreciate Malaysian art.”

In conjunction with PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE, official hotel partner The Ritz-Carlton will host a satellite art exhibition to show support and encouragement to local artists and their aspirations. From early April onwards, at any hour of the day, guests will be able to wander through the “Art Promenade”, a specially designed pathway through three levels of the hotel. The exhibition will display selected PRUDENTIAL MALAYSIAN EYE artists’ works. The satellite show will also debut The Ritz-Carlton’s specially designed art-themed menu and cocktail selection, as well as accommodation packages.

For more information, visit www.malaysianeye.com and


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