(SUKAN) SIC partners with BRM Chronographes as Official Timewear

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Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 2016 – Sepang International Circuit (SIC) announced its partnership with BRM Chronographes as the Official Timewear of SIC yesterday. In a three year contract, BRM Chronographes will provide 15 of its watches as prizes for the champions of the Malaysian Championship Series (MCS) and the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK), as well as sponsor the championship trophies for the MCS and the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race. BRM Chronographes, a French watchmaker known for its timepieces that are defined by pure racing spirit and inspired by motorsports, is also providing the official clock for the Sepang International Circuit.

“We are glad to cement this partnership with BRM Chronographes as they are an excellent fit for SIC. They are well-known for their passion for motorsports, and have collaborated with many organisations and teams in the motorsports arena around the world. BRM Chronographes is also known for the quality of their timepieces, and this again gels well with us, as precision timekeeping is crucial in a high-octane field like motorsports. I’m sure our MCS and MSBK champions will be excited to receive the timepieces thanks to this partnership with BRM Chronographes for the next 3 years,” said SIC Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Razlan Razali.

“We are honoured to have this opportunity to work with Sepang International Circuit as their Official Timewear partner. BRM Chronographes has always been passionate about the world of motorsports, and what better partner in Malaysia than the guardian of Malaysia’s Home of Motorsports. We are also pleased to have this opportunity to introduce the BRM Chronographes brand and what we stand for to more motorsports fans, through participation in SIC’s homegrown championships such as the MCS and MSBK and other events,” said Mr Vincent Chin, CEO of BRM Chronographes (Malaysia) at the partnership announcement yesterday.

Following the partnership announcement, SIC and BRM Chronographes also jointly hosted an iftar session this evening at JW Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

BRM Chronographes – founded in 2002, is inspired by motorsports, driven by craftsmanship and engineered for exclusivity. BRM seeks to present outstanding pieces every year which mirror the universe of their owner, preferring the imperfection of crude brushing and polishing reminiscent of the finish on sports cars and bike parts to over-polished and over-angled stereotypes.

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