(SEMASA) OPPO Umumkan Find 7, Telefon Paparan 2K 5.5 Inci Pertama di Dunia

OPPO Find 7 Launch

OPPO Electronics Sdn Bhd hari ini mengumumkan penampilan kali pertama di Malaysia telefon perdana keluarannya dalam siri Find, iaitu Find 7 – peranti 4G/LTE pertama daripada OPPO yang juga menyokong resolusi Quad HD. Telefon ini telah diumumkan kepada pasaran dunia pada Mac lalu di Beijing.  Read more →

(SEMASA) OPPO Debuts in Malaysia Launches flagship N1 smart phone and three other smartphone models


KUALA LUMPUR, February 18, 2014 – OPPO Electronics Corp, an international manufacturer of  smartphones  is making its debut in Malaysia with the launch of its flagship Android handset, the OPPO N1. OPPO is a globally registered technology brand that has carved a significant presence in North America  and  Asia.  Having entered the mobile market  in 2008, OPPO Electronics now boasts a network of offices in several countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Mexico. The company also has an office in the United States, where it markets its blu-ray range of products. Read more →