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DeFam EPK-2 (2)

KUALA LUMPUR, 29th May 2015 – “We want to be an empowering voice for young women who dare to be different”. These are the words of three beautiful, strong-willed and independent young women – Fya, Azira and MANGGIS, otherwise known as DE FAM. Due to be released on the 26th of May this year, their debut single and music video, #SUPERGIRLS, embodies the values and principles of powerful women across history. In part, their lyrical content sends across strong and positive messages to young women; encouraging them to work hard, play hard and never give up in pursuing their dreams. As they sing it out in the chorus of #SUPERGIRLS, “Don’t need to worry ‘bout the things they say, you got the power to stand up today”. Read more →