(SEMASA) Dynamic duo Anis Nabilah and Hunny Madu take on Hong Kong

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Hunny and Anis having a great time in Hong Kong

Kuala Lumpur, 2 Nov, 2015 – TV and radio personality, Hunny Madu and celebrity chef, Anis Nabilah, teams up to unravel the secrets of Hong Kong and find out what makes this vibrant city a top destination for Malaysians.

Hunny and Anis trying to make the perfect Dim Sum

Jom, Hong Kong! is a series of webisodes produced by the Hong Kong Tourism Board featuring both celebrities as they explore the various aspects of Hong Kong such as dining, shopping, art, and iconic attractions.

Commenting that Jom, Hong Kong! is a must watch for Muslims who are concerned about the availability of Halal food in the city, Anis Nabilah said, “Contrary to popular belief, the number of Halal eateries and local cuisines is tremendous! They can be easily found and the food is delicious!”

For Malaysians who are missing home while in Hong Kong, look out for episode three of Jom, Hong Kong! as the duo will reveal some of the most mouth-watering and Halal Malaysian comfort food that the metropolis has to offer.

Hunny Madu, a Emcee, TVHost, Rapper, Singer and Fashionista said that Hong Kong is also for those who enjoy coasting from city to city, indulging in their passion for fashion. “You are spoilt for choice in Hong Kong because of the variety of fashionable outfits for everyone. Anis and I enjoyed trying on the Hijabs that were not only beautiful but suitable for the modern era”, she shares.

Both tourists and locals flock to small, family-owned shops abound in Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, and Stanley Market that offer casual wear, washable silk outfits, and other clothing at very affordable prices all year round.

Malaysians should not miss out on watching Anis and Hunny bargain in Cantonese and pick up some tips and tricks to obtain the best bargains in some of the iconic street shopping spots in Hong Kong such as Ladies Market. Having some bargaining skills goes a long way for visitors so be sure to learn about the little tips in getting the best bargains

Catch all the webisodes on http://www.discoverhongkong.com/my/plan-your-trip/latest-promotion/jomhongkong.jsp

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