(SEMASA) Honor Malaysia Turns One in Style with 250 Bold Fans

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Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, celebrated the first year anniversary of its Honor brand with 250 Malaysian fans, and launched the Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4C, their much-awaited flagship smartphones last night at Symphony Lake Suite, KLCC.

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Abraham Liu, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Technologies Malaysia emphasizes at the event, “Today, the Honor brand celebrates its first milestone in the country, and we would not have been able to achieve this success without the constant support by our fans and partners. For that, we humbly thank our Malaysian supporters – they are truly a group of enthusiastic people who dare to be bold. It is also because of them that we are proud to introduce the Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4C to the Malaysian community.

“Honor is a brand that is created ‘By the consumer, for the consumer’, which remains at the core of our business. It is through this that we continue to remain at the forefront of innovative technology and empowers consumers to unleash the maximum potential within themselves without any fear.” added Liu.

To further ring in the anniversary celebrations, a fun experiential journey, themed ‘Be Brave, Be Yourself’ was specially organised with an aim to encourage fans to bravely rethink technological innovations and discover them through the Honor 6 Plus. Apart from making memories even better and bigger, 100 loyal fans from Vmall’s Honor Club were invited as VIPs to celebrate Honor’s one year journey in style –the Symphony Lake Suite was transformed into a celebrative wonderland for fans to engage with each other, receive first-hand previews of the flagship devices, and try out ‘Bokeh’ and low light photography.

Blending remarkable dual 8MP parallel cameras with ultra long battery life, the Honor 6 Plus is meant for those who dare to be themselves and stay true to their passions and beliefs. Encased in an ultra-thin 1.85mm frame with a 5.5-inch full HD LCD Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen, and 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM capacity, it is the first smartphone within the Honor series to have LTE Cat6 combined with a super 8+1 cores Kirin925 chipset. The 2x8MP unique bionic parallel eagle eye camera works symmetrically to focus faster and capture in-depth details with double light sensors that provide a 60% increase in light sensitivity for excellent image performance in environments with weak light.

Also known as the King of Nightshots’ for its low light capabilities for stunning night pictures, the sophisticated techniques of Honor 6 Plus’s dual cameras are able to capture every detail of a night scene. One camera focuses on managing the long exposure within ¼ seconds while the other handles the iterative exposure within 1/15 seconds. Supported by a multi-frame noise reduction algorithm that processes photos quickly even in dark environments, with a signal-to-noise ration (SNR) that is larger than 35dB to eliminate halos for that perfect night shot.

“We constantly interact with our ‘always-on’ community and study the local market before we invest in research to produce high-quality devices that suit our fans lifestyle and budget. We value our fan’s input and deliver based on what they ask for – which is perfectly reflected in the Honor 6 Plus. It sets performance and design standards in its class by enabling consumers to see, capture, and save moments that matter in stunning clarity wherever they go, and whenever they want, “ said Liu.

Alongside the Honor 6 Plus, Honor Malaysia also unveiled another key product – the Honor 4C – during the event. Equipped with a 1.2GHz Octacore CPU, 2GB RAM, and 5MP front camera, the Honor 4C is a exceptional upgrade from the Honor 3C, which targets consumers that want a fast performance smartphone within an affordable price range.

Apart from marking their first year journey in the country with fans, Honor Malaysia also announced collaborative efforts with like-minded partners to reward Honor Malaysia fans and consumers, of which includes:

  1. 7-eleven Malaysia – Honor’s e-commerce platform, Vmall.my is co-operating with 7-eleven to make MOL payments available at any branch of the convenience store. For those that do not own a credit card, they are able to make purchases at 7-eleven for Vmall.my items.
  2. Chatime Malaysia – In light of Honor’s one-year anniversary, Chatime hosted 150 Honor Malaysia fans outside of KL at five selected outlets to enjoy a live stream of this anniversary celebration. The five outlets were:
    1. Chatime @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor
    2. Chatime @ Raja Uda, Penang
    3. Chatime @ Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru
    4. Chatime @ Ipoh De Garden, Ipoh
    5. Chatime @ The Shore, Malacca
  3. Google Malaysia – Google also live-streamed Honor’s anniversary celebration on YouTube for fans who were unable to attend the event to enjoy.
  4. Other significant partners include Lazada and WeChat.

As part of their ongoing efforts to give back to the community they are present in, Honor Malaysia will be hosting a charity event ‘You Donate, We Pay’ of which Honor Malaysia will contribute RM1 to every entry made. All donations will be directed to Bangsar Ria Centre, a daycare facility for disabled and mentally- challenged children. The charity event will begin on 29th April 2015 and will conclude at 6.00pm on April 30th, 2015. Malaysians can proceed to make their contributions on Vmall.my.

“It’s truly heartwarming to receive such positive support from the local community and this is just some of the many ways we are giving back. We are also truly glad to see our fans shine under the spotlight today – this is Honor’s biggest success so far, of which keeps us motivated to continue upholding our promise of delivering high quality and practical products to enhance and enrich our consumer’s digital lifestyle.

Huawei currently ranks third in the global smartphone market, largely due to our fans and partners who understand and believe in our business philosophy. Honor is a fast growing brand which encourages a new lifestyle and with the launch of the Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4C, we will continue to be the brand designed to meet the needs of fans. We are also committed to transforming the mobile phone industry with the main aim to develop Honor as the world leading smartphone e-commerce brand. As such, we look forward to celebrating many more exciting Honor achievements here in Malaysia,” Liu added.

Established in Malaysia since 29th April 2014, Honor has brought in a total of 7 devices to Malaysians, which include:

29th April 2014             :           Honor 3C and introduced E-Commerce platform – Vmall

29th September 2014  :           Honor 6 LTE & Honor Tablet

16th December 2014   :           Honor 3C Lite

1st April 2015               :           Honor 4X

28th April 2015             :           Honor 6 Plus & Honor 4C

The Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4C will be available in Malaysia from April 29th, 3:08pm onwards in colors of black and white. The recommended retail prices are RM1,399 and RM529 respectively.

On a global level, Honor shipped 20 million units, recorded US$3 billion sales and entered 57 global markets in 2014. Honor Malaysia aims to achieve the top three rank in the Malaysian smartphone market, and to reach the top rank in terms of sales from their e-commerce platform this year.

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