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Kinohimitsu has opened its first brand counter at SASAAeon Tebrau City. In line with its’ first Collagen Day, Kinohimitsu wants to educate women of all walks to embrace their body and feel happier and more confident in their own skin.

Collagen Day is a movement organized by Kinohimitsu to raise awareness about the importance of collagen to help everyone feel happier, healthier and more confident in their own skin. It serves to help women look past society’s beauty standards and embrace their individuality and finding beauty in themselves – even in their own flaws.

Free collagen drinks will be given out at all shoppers at Kinohimitsu beauty counter (28th Apr). Kinohimitsu believes that the freedom to live begins when individuals start embracing their inner beauty. Women of all walks are invited to join Kinohimitsu for a private tea party with beauty
and wellness events lined up especially for them.

Kinohlmitsu Collagen Diamond 165/ Collagen Men 165/ Collagen Nite 165/ Collagen Nite 165 at RM99.90 from 28 Apr to 1 May 2017

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