(SEMASA) Malaysia #YearonTikTok 2023: Scroll back with our community

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, 2023 was the year we learned a new life hack (or two!), laughed out loud – and couldn’t stop thinking about the Roman Empire. Our global community of over 1 billion people continues to come together to connect on TikTok, positively influencing culture and impacting lives.

From foolproof recipes to funny skits, throwback tracks and thriving small businesses, the TikTok community continued creating, connecting and celebrating authenticity on TikTok throughout 2023. In Malaysia, we found out how to make concur kid kendang, learned sign language, and even figured out how to make a paper plan fly for a longer distance!

“Year on TikTok 2023 is a way for us to honor some of the standout moments that have happened on TikTok throughout the year. It’s a window into stories that have inspired, entertained and educated over 1 billion people around the world. Thank you for another year of bringing joy to our community and sharing your creativity with us,” said Yin Yin Hooi, Head of Marketing and Operations, TikTok Malaysia.

Join us as we stroll down memory lane and look back on an incredible year that saw us learning, laughing, inspiring, imagining, entertaining and exploring – as we scroll back to this year’s most memorable trends, creators and moments with our community.

In 2023, trending content took over For You feeds around the world – especially in the entertainment, lifestyle & education and sports categories. We were mesmerized by Dollievision’s makeup routine, that Capybara song and the brilliance of sheep dogs – so many good memories, you can almost hear it! In Malaysia, we enjoyed singing Duo Anggrek, learning about Ramadan, and getting inspired by high energy dancing! Keep on reading to discover the most popular videos and trends that had everyone saying, ‘have you seen that TikTok about…?’ this year.

  1. @itsme.hairie: This video, which features Hairie singing Duo Anggrek while playing the guitar, reached 97M views!
  2. @pidass: This fun, positive, and energetic video, which has reached 57M views, will make you get up and dance!
  3. @upinipinofficial: This video features the beloved characters Upin & Ipin as they learn about Ramadan.
  4. @vt800958s3h: This video, which has reached 33M views, shows how to make paper plans that fly long distances
  5. @frh.aida: This video shows a creative transition trend of handing flowers while changing outfits and has reached 26M views.

From catchy pop tunes to comeback tracks, TikTok artists gave us the soundtrack of 2023. This year, our most popular song was “Cupid – Twin Ver – Sped Up Version” by FIFTY FIFTY. Capitalizing on the TikTok audience’s affinity for sped-up songs, this version of “Cupid” was a viral sensation, kicking off a number of trends from food tutorials and outfit picks to CapCut memes, which have been hugely popular this year. The trends drove millions of streams, resulting in the first Billboard 100 entry for the K-pop girl group. Turn up the volume and check out TikTok’s most popular songs of the year:

  1. “Cupid – Twin Ver – Sped Up Version” – FIFTY FIFTY
  2. Suasana Di Hari Raya – Anuar & Ellina
  3. Santai – Faizal Tahir
  4. TANIA – Alvin83
  5. Raya Raya Raya – DOLLA
  6. What It Is – Solo Version – Doechii
  7. “If We Ever Broke Up” – Mae Stephens
  8. Cikini Gondangdia – Duo Anggrek
  9. มองนานๆ – FLI:P
  10. FLOWER – Jiso

Every day, a star is born on TikTok. This year, we were entertained and inspired by an entire galaxy of creators, who remain the beating heart of our platform. From the iconic #TubeGirl aka Sabrina Bahsoon to a cute border collie named Pluto, as well as Khairulaming‘s mouth-watering Malaysian dishes, here are the breakthrough creators, celebrities and artists who made it on and beyond TikTok in 2023.

  1. @sir_asai: Sir Asai rose to fame by making educational videos on how to pronounce English words correctly. His TikTok tutorials, including the differences between English versus English in Kelantan, how to use certain English words in a sentence, and other useful tips won TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winner of Best of Education.
  2. @shahirazlan: Shahira is best known for her before-and-after makeup transformations and beauty care tutorials. She is also the TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winner of Best of Beauty & Fashion.
  3. @khairulaming: Khairul Aming’s name is synonymous with his viral Ramadhan cooking series, entitled “30 Hari 30 Resepi”. His delectable dishes – and his signature Sambal Nyet – has won him the TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winner of Creator of The Year
  4. @sultan_riq: Won the TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023 Winner of Best of Gaming Winner
  5. @sofyank96: Sofyank is known for his mind-bending and mind-boggling visual effects – and even got to collaborate with his idol, US creator Zach King.

TikTok is a musical playground where artists and songwriters come together to propel tracks and trends at the speed of culture. In 2023, we had Selena Gomez (@selenagomez), BTS (bts_official_bighit), and Kim Loaiza (@kimberly.loaiza) on repeat and repeat. These artists topped the charts, including some from our very own community like Jovynn (@itsjovynn) and Baby Shima (@babyshimaofficial). Here are the most popular artists whose songs took over our ears and For You feeds in 2023.

  1. Jovynn (@itsjovynn)
  2. Baby Shima (@babyshimaofficial)
  3. Daiyan Trisha (@daiyantrisha22)
  4. Amsyar Leee (@amsyar_leee)
  5. Janna Nick (@jannanickofficial)
  6. Siti Nurhaliza (@toktitiktok)
  7. Naim Daniel (@naimdanielx)
  8. Iman Troye (@imantroye)
  9. Elizabeth Tan (@elizabethtsm)
  10. DOLLA (@dollaofficial)

TikTok is a place where you can start small, but think – and achieve – big. No one knows this better than our small business owners who truly felt the positive impact of our community in 2023. Thanks to trending hashtags like #SMB and #SmallBusiness, #TikTokShop #sapotlokal, we discovered a dad’s t-shirt designs from the 80s and 90s and free lawn mower service to Sydney locals by the one and only Tim Parker. Closer to home, we have local businesses like @stylarembroidery and creators like @abang_naz who use their platform to bring awareness to local businesses. Here are some of the most beloved small businesses that inspired us in 2023.

  1. @bapabros: Through the hashtag #makanlokal, @bapabros features his son eating local food and filming his reactions. Through this, he creates buzz within the local food community and contributes to the growth of the businesses they feature in their reviews
  2. @abang_naz: Through the hashtag #businessguru, @abang_naz promotes kindness by using his marketing expertise to help local small businesses
  3. @shafiemabror: Through the hashtag #bisonline, @shafiemabror gives housewives ideas on how they can have a second income
  4. @trashcycle.my: Through the hashtag #sapotlokal, @trashcycle.my features activities and places to go on the weekend with a budget of less than RM 50 to support local businesses
  5. @heytoyworld_mas: Through the hashtag #smallbusinessowner, @heytoyworkd_mas shares her journey of starting her own business to motivate others to do the same.
  6. @stylar.embroidery: A local embroidery business that offers unique designs

With so much educational content, we learn while we scroll on TikTok! In 2023, #BookTok taught us that reading is cool again and #CleanTok showed us the most helpful household hacks. In Malaysia, we learned how to do magic tricks, make a pudding cake with Milo, and even gained knowledge about Malaysian law. Discover the most popular trends, tricks and how-to’s that made our lives even better in 2023.

  1. @mosteleyy_bestz: Abang Bestz is a magician who shares magic tips to TikTok users.
  2. @lawyergandhi: Lawyer Gandhi is a Malaysian lawyer delivering videos to answer law-related topics for user general information purposes only.
  3. @sir_asai: Sir Asai is a great role model for Teaching Can Be Fun Too!
  4. @limaunipisofficial: Hidayah shares an easy recipe for cooking a Milo pudding cake without using an oven and mixer.
  5. @shahirazlan: Shahira shows that there’s more to putting on makeup – it can be an artform to express creativity
  6. @auntiepurple248: Auntiepurple248 teaches us that creativity has no age limit. You can still shine as long as you are confident!

This year, the TikTok community continued to bring their creativity to life and push the boundaries of self-expression through a diverse array of community effects, sounds, filters and more, with over 25 billion videos created using community effects to date. This year, we all loved sharing our versions of Girl Dinner, acting like we were in a Wes Anderson film and raising our red, green and beige flags. Here are the most popular trends made possible by unique features – and our creativity – in 2023.

  1. Cartoonified AI Looks: Use AI to cartoonify your face!
  2. Vibe effect: Shoot videos with a fish eye lens for a different vibe.
  3. Finger Dancing: It’s harder than it looks! Try simple finger dances with friends and family.
  4. Soda Gembira Challenge: Make your own version of this popular local drink
  5. Suasana Di Hari Raya: Share your tips and tricks for the ultimate Raya celebration!

We also recognized Creators who are bringing awareness to their advocacies. Whether it’s gaming, films, or football, creators like Fan (@fancfreakz), Azmira (@azmirakmar), or Nasseb Ali (@refereekampung), these Wavemakers inspire and educate others who share similar interests, passions and vocations, in creative ways.

  1. @fancfreakz – Fan creates educational gaming content and was able to hit 1 million views in conjunction with the Malaysia Independence day holiday.
  2. @cikgumisai – Cikgu is a teacher and seasoned gaming creator who shares the latest gaming campaigns, news, updates and tips.
  3. @eiqamaleq – Eiqa transformed her love for k-drama into recommendations that she shares with her audience. She has done collaborations with local and international artists, including Dato Siti, Calumn Scott, Alec Benjamin, and many more.
  4. @azmirakmar – Azmir’s daily dose of movie reviews has made him one of the go-tos for the latest TV shows and movies.
  5. @refereekampung – Nasseb Ali uses his experience as a certified referee to create content and share knowledge about football.
  6. @ammaranuwar – Ammar is a football coach who shares tips and best plays when it comes to football.

In 2023, creators continued to push boundaries, inspiring others to learn something new and advocate for causes they care about. Whether it’s Irin Putri, who is an autism advocate, or Anissaa Jailani, who is a deaf creator who teaches sign language, these creators are making a huge difference around the world. Here are the Creators who are using TikTok to spark good this year.

  1. @irin_putri: Irin Putri is a TV producer and host and an autism advocate
  2. @sarahnursuhaimi: Sarah features her daily life with her autistic son
  3. @drizamsuziani: Dr Izam is an autism mom and advocate
  4. @adamsautismfamily: An account that documents the life of Adam, who has autism
  5. @anissa.jailani_ : Anissa is a deaf creator who teaches Malaysian sign language
  6. @lbk2907: Loh Boon is a visually-impaired Chinese Muslim who shares his story to the public

We also featured the best Malaysia food finds, whether its Ceddy (@ceddyornot) showing unique and entertaining food tours across Malaysia or Shahril (@shahrilwokay2) inspiring us to explore the hidden gems within Malaysia’s smaller towns and cities. There were also creators who inspired Malaysians to try their hand at new recipes, like Adik Foods (@adikfoods)’s well-loved family recipe for ‘cucur kentang’ and Chef Dave’s (chefdaveveganjourney) papaddam goreng masala recipe, which showed a simple way to spice up a Malaysian favourite!

  1. @khairulaming – Khairul’s #MaggiGorengBasah got 21M video views!
  2. @adikfoods – Adik Foods shared a well-loved family recipe for cucur kentang
  3. @chefdaveveganjourney – Chef Dave is an Indian chef who shares vegan recipes.
  4. @ceddyornot – Ceddy released a video series of “Take Ceddy Out” showcasing the recommended food places from his friends, including local celebrities and content creators
  5. @akiejack – Ackie Jack is known for his mukbang content and recommendations – and he’ll always listen to fan requests for new food content or food ideas to eat
  6. @shahrilwokay2 – Shahril is a foodie creator focusing on food tour recommendations around the Malaysian states.

Celebrate Year on TikTok 2023 with us

As we wrap up yet another memorable year on TikTok, get ready to celebrate with us in Malaysia with #Hello2024, LIVE Fest, and many other exciting events!

Let’s scroll it back on TikTok! Learn more about this year’s most unforgettable trends, creators and moments via our our in-app hub here or search #YearOnTikTok on the app.

**Year on TikTok 2023 is based on internal research and trends analysis conducted from January to October 2023.


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