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One of the Malaysia retail scene, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd. (MYDIN) has embarked on a new partnership with AirAsia BIG that is AirAsia’s Loyalty Programme. Today, MYDIN Meriah Loyalty Programme (Meriah) members can earn points and convert it to redeem for free AirAsia flights.

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The main objective of this partnership is to reward Meriah members, who are also AirAsia BIG members by giving them the privilege to convert Meriah points into BIG Points. The conversion rate for Meriah reward points to AirAsia BIG Points is:

100 MERIAH = 25 BIG Points

To convert your Meriah points to BIG Points, members are required to visit the Customer Service Counter at any MYDIN hypermarket or store and inform the MYDIN personnel of the conversion. They will require your Meriah card and BIG ID (virtual ID or physical card) for the conversion. Upon completion of the conversion, members will receive a note from MYDIN stating the required amount of Meriah Points that have been deducted, and the amount of BIG Points that have been converted and credited to their BIG account. Members can then start to redeem their free AirAsia flights at airasiabig.com.

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Meriah Loyalty Programme was officially launched in 2005. With only RM12, Meriah Blue card members can apply and renew their membership per annum (1 year), whereas RM20 for Silver or wholesaler card. Meriah members are required to renew their Meriah cards on yearly basis. Meriah members can collect Meriah points when they shop in any MYDIN Hypermarket / Emporium / Bazaar / Mini Market. Every RM1 equals to 1 Meriah point. With accumulative points, Meriah members can convert those into exciting packages of redemption offered, such as MYDIN Shopping Vouchers and now a free AirAsia flights available at our MYDIN Customer Service Counter.

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AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme was officially launched in November 2011 in Malaysia, and has over 12 million members from 150 countries worldwide to date. As a BIG member, you can be assured of priority access to AirAsia sales, member-exclusive AirAsia deals, and you can redeem your accumulated BIG Points for Tune Hotel stays and free AirAsia flights, to name a few.

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Registration as a BIG member is simple, and above all, free. Simply log on to www.airasiabig.com, click Sign Up Now and fill in the necessary details to complete the registration. Newly registered BIG members will receive an email with their BIG ID, which can be used to earn BIG Points when they fly with AirAsia or spend with our programme partners.

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