(SEMASA) THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE ARE MEANT TO BE SHARED – Calpis shares with consumers the goodness of Japan’s no.1 cultured milk

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PrintKUALA LUMPUR, JUNE 3: Calpis launched an interactive marketing campaign to share with consumers the goodness of the drink. The advertisement campaign between June 23 and 26, placed amidst text heavy print media are absolute attention grabbers especially when they featured celebrated personalities such as Yuna, Harith Iskander, Safiq Rahim and Wan Wai Fun. What’s more each ad came with little trinkets that represent how the ambassadors share their goodness in life with others!

Harith-Iskander-tile“Calpis is Japan’s first cultured milk drink and the product is good for all. That is something we would like to share with consumers. Therefore, what better way to share the goodness of Calpis than to communicate it through the unique personalities of our ambassadors,” said Etika Sdn Bhd Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Hemalatha Ragavan.

Calpis gave away a piece of musical instrument ‘tone player’ attached to the newspaper on Monday when they featured Yuna because making music is how she shares the goodness in her with the world. On Tuesday, a reflective mirror foil that forms hilarious reflections of funny faces to represent Malaysia’s Godfather of comedy Harith Iskander which shows how he shares the goodness in him by making people laugh. Two inflatable cheering sticks on Wednesday show how Safiq plays his best to share the goodness in him with the fans. On Thursday, a bubble newspaper jacket wrap of Wan Wai Fun shows her bubbly radio personality to share the goodness within by lightening up those around her, just like Calpis.

Riding on the selfie culture amongst Malaysians, Calpis ran a ‘My Celebrity Selfie’ contest to encourage consumers to take a selfie with Calpis’s ambassadors to win weekly special prizes or daily cash prizes.

There will only be one daily winner per day and these winners will walk away with RM100 cash prize. Consumers can also compete in a weekly challenge held between May 5 and June 1 however, those who have won daily prizes will not be eligible for the weekly prize. Three winners will be selected from the weekly challenge to win a Taylor guitar personally signed by Yuna, a pair of Nike boots personally signed by Safiq, an opportunity to go live on air with Wai Fun or fine dining with Harith Iskander himself.

Starting July 25, Calpis is also planning to spread the goodness amongst Malaysians by encouraging them to recognise and award their friends or loved ones for their goodness through a Goodness Awards campaign. Consumers can nominate their friends at www.goodnessawards.my and share the post on Facebook.

“Whether you think that your friend or loved one is a good fashion guru, social butterfly, foodie or even ‘makan’ buddy, this is a very good opportunity to recognise them for their goodness,” Hemalatha said adding that consumers should look out for the announcement on social networking sites like Facebook to participate.

For more information on Calpis and the campaigns, visit www.etikaholdings.com.

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