(SEMASA) The OPPO F1s Comes to Malaysia on 10 August With New Selfie Squad

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Nora Danish

Kuala Lumpur, August 4th, 2016 –OPPO F1s, the upgraded Selfie Expert is to be launched in Malaysia on 10th August 2016. Featuring prominent actress, Nora Danish and rising star, JC Chee, OPPO F1s appeared in the teaser of the commercial that set with magical vibes with sparkles and a hint of romance.

Min Chen Jc Chee Ayda JebatOPPO unites Nora Danish and 3 celebrities for F1s

Besides debuting the F1s for the first time in the commercial, OPPO has recently unveiled its latest powerrecruitmentsin the celebrity sector for the company’s latest Selfie Expert. On top of Nora Danish and JC Chee that appeared to be holding F1sin the teaser of the commercial, OPPO confirmed famous singer and actress, AydaJebat once again as the Selfie Icon. Adding to this Selfie Squad is Min Chen, another talented celebrity and social media influencer who is undeniably strong in its fans base.

Chen Lu, the Brand Manager of OPPO Electronics said, “The F1s camera phone is designed for selfie-lovers who can now skip all the hassle of putting on makeup or editing the photo. You can look naturally beautiful in your selfies by using F1s’ purpose-built Beautify Mode 4.0. We are excited to have the new selfie Icons with us as they bring pulled positive energy and trendyvibes to the OPPO brand. The selfie icon squad is truly a trend setter for selfies. They have more than thousandsof fans’ like on social media for their selfies.  Their personalities and image presentation speaks for themselves and we feel that is a nice fit for the brand.”

The OPPO F1s is set to arrive in Malaysia on August 10th. The F1s carries on F1’s legacy of superb photography, sleek style and snappy performance, while adding new features and taking others to the next level.

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