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Malaysia, 9 April 2017 – On 8 April 2017, the top social media influencers across seven countries gathered to celebrate Influence Asia 2017, Asia’s largest social media awards show. Organised by influencer marketing and media company Gushcloud, and hosted by Korean digital marketing group, Yello Digital Marketing (YDM), the awards show was held on 8th April 2017 at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Winners for the awards show were decided through closed door silent peer-to-peer voting by the Top 4 nominees of each category; Food, Health and Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Parenting, YouTube Channel, YouTube Personality and Breakout Influencer. A total of 252 social media influencers participated in the event, a significant increase compared to the 180 social media influencers in 2015. Vietnam and South Korea were added to the list of participating countries, making it seven countries in total, including; Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. In addition, seven top influencers (the top from each country) were crowned ‘Influencer of the Year’. As a special award for the influencers of the host country, Malaysia, the Influencers’ Choice Awards were also given out to three winners based on voting done by only Malaysia-based influencers who attended the show.

“The theme for Influence Asia 2017 is “For The Future”, with the brand promise as “Creating Tomorrow’s Positive Influence”. The future generations of today and tomorrow read and watch a lot of the content Influencers create. We want our nominees to appreciate and recognise this huge responsibility that they hold over future generations. Influence Asia serves as a platform to uphold standards and celebrate individual and group efforts in creating strong and positive content for the future,” said Althea Lim, Executive Producer of Influence Asia 2017.

Influence Asia 2017 also featured Korean pop star Jessica Jung as the headline act for the awards show. Other performing acts included Malaysia’s homegrown talent, pop trio De Fam; Project E.A.R, a collaborative band of different acts from five different countries in South East Asia; Singaporean rapper, Kevin Lester, dubbed The Lion City Boy; top Indonesian singer-songwriter Tulus and Vietnamese pop singer and a current judge on The Voice Vietnam, Noo Phuoc Thinh.

The awards show also featured award presenters who are top influencers in their various fields namely, Carli Bybel (US) and Shannon Harris (NZ) for the beauty category, Lilymaymac (AUS) for the lifestyle category, Anis Nabilah (MY) for the food category, Sririta Jensen (TH) for the fashion category, Liane V (US) for the YouTube personality category and Brett Cap (US) for the health and fitness category.

David Lee Sang Seok, CEO of YDM said: “The growth of social media and its focus on digital content market expansion are proven to be a global trend. In particular, influencers who produce high quality creative contents will play an even more important role in leading the digital content marketing scene. Through Influence Asia, influencers in Asia will have a chance to network and celebrate their glory moments together.”

Influence Asia aims to be the largest, most watched and respected live awards show, in honouring individual or group achievements in the social media influence industry across Asia. By building professionalism, sustainability, positivity, legitimacy and respect amongst all players in the industry, Influence Asia provides the platform for influencers in Asia to celebrate together.

The full list of award winners and award presenters : 

Full List of Award Presenters:
Beauty – Carli Bybel and Shannon Harris
Food – Anis Nabilah
Parenting – Judy Travis and Benji Travis
Fashion – Sririta Jansen
Health and Fitness – Brett Cap
Lifestyle – Lilymaymac
Breakout – Tulus and Noo Phuoc Thinh
Influencers’ Choice Awards – Defam
YouTube Personality – Liane V
YouTube Channel – VICE
Influencer of the Year – Jessica Jung and David Lee (YDM)

Full list of winners:

Influencers’ Choice Awards – JinnyboyTV, Dan Khoo Productions, Dennis Yin
Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Cupcake Aisyah
Top Fashion Influencer Award – Emma Shazleen Ali
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Chanwon
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Joanna Soh
Top Food Influencer Award – Eunice Martin
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Cheesie
YouTube Personality Award – JinnyboyTV
YouTube Channel Award – JinnyboyTV
Breakout Influencer Award – Luqman Podolski
Influencer of the Year – Jinnyboy

Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Naomi Neo
Top Fashion Influencer Award – Mae Tan
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Miyake Ng
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Sandra Riley Tang
Top Food Influencer Award – Daniel Ang (DanielFoodDiary)
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Amber Yong (Leia Lauren)
YouTube Personality Award – Yan Kay Kay
YouTube Channel Award – Wah!Banana
Breakout Influencer Award – Michelle Tan (NOC)
Influencer of the Year – Eden Ang
Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Elle Yamada
Top Fashion Influencer Award – Ria Miranda
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Cindercella
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Melanie Putria
Top Food Influencer Award – Anak Jajan
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Jennifer Bachdim
YouTube Personality Award – Arief Muhammad
YouTube Channel Award – Tim2One
Breakout Influencer Award – Jennifer Bachdim
Influencer of the Year – Arief Muhammad

Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Joyce Pring
Top Fashion Influencer Award – Tricia Gosingtian
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Janina Vela
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Gretchen Ho
Top Food Influencer Award – Cheryl Tiu
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Andi Manzano
YouTube Personality Award – Lloyd Cadena
YouTube Channel Award – Wil Dasovich
Breakout Influencer Award – Wil Dasovich
Influencer of the Year – Wil Dasovich

Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Pimtha
Top Fashion Influencer Award – JuneJune Patcha
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Nutty Ploy
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Meiji Anorma
Top Food Influencer Award – Starving Time
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Ploy Chidjun
YouTube Personality Award – Jannine Weigel
YouTube Channel Award – My Mate Nate
Breakout Influencer Award – Claudine Craig
Influencer of the Year – VRZO

Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Sub Cho (Josub)
Top Fashion Influencer Award – Nanjeong Lee
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Suhye Park (Ssinnim)
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Euddeum Shim
Top Food Influencer Award – Mansu Jung (Banzz)
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Yebeen Kim (Yebin)
YouTube Personality Award – Joel Bennett
YouTube Channel Award – Suhye Park (Ssinnim)
Breakout Influencer Award – 1 Million Dance Studio
Influencer of the Year – Mansu Jung (Banzz)
Top Lifestyle Influencer Award – Vu Phuong Thanh (Gao)
Top Fashion Influencer Award – Chau Bui
Top Beauty Influencer Award – Changmakeup (Trang Ngo)
Top Health & Fitness Influencer Award – Linn Nguyen (Erin)
Top Food Influencer Award – Phan Anh Esheep
Top Parenting Influencer Award – Vu Phuong Thanh (Gao)
YouTube Personality Award – JVEvermind
YouTube Channel Award – Fap TV
Breakout Influencer Award – Rocker Nguyen
Influencer of the Year – Mai Ngo

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