(SUKAN) MIMMA2 Contender Fights: One Step Closer

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Agilan vs Fakhrul 1

Everyone was overwhelmed with excitement as we went through the epic MIMMA (Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts) Contender Fights to finding out which fighter is worthy of a shot at the championship belt. These fighters have designated a majority of their time a day to prepare for what might be the biggest fight in their lives. At the end of the Contender Fights, we have finally found the challengers to battle it out with last season’s champions for the MIMMA Championship title. The stake is even bigger for them now after fighting their way through all the previous 5 stages.Stephen Onn vs Nicholas Jeffrey

We are now down to the final 7 fighters and most of these fighters will face the previous champions for the first time at the MIMMA Grand Finals. Fight fans are craving for more action, as they now know that MMA fighters in Malaysia are as good as international fighters. During the Contender Fights, it can be seen that the state pride was the driving force behind each fighter and also their fans that came equipped with earth
shattering cheers and screams. The biggest fight by the biggest MMA fighting championship in Malaysia over the weekend has strengthened the beliefs of the locals towards the sport.

Jason Lo stated, “This was the first time we organized the Contender Fights. These fighters had only had one thing in mind, to fight for the spot in the Grand Finals. We are down to the final 7 for the shot at the prestigious titles for each weight division. I am very proud with everyone that is involved in making MIMMA season 2 a reality. We are bigger now and we will continue to make history! As I mentioned many times before, the only reason for Tune Talk to organize this championship is to eventually make Malaysia as the Asian’s MMA hub.”
He added, “Did you know MIMMA has gone worldwide? We have viewers from over 50 countries! Thanks to our live streaming during the Contender Fights and Semi Finals last month, everyone from all over the world could enjoy Malaysia’s finest amateur MMA fighters, battle it out www.mimmalive.tunetalk.com.

Now the whole world knows that Malaysians are capable to conquer the Asian MMA scene based on the positive feedback that we get online. If you think that is big news, wait for more big news in the future. ” Will we crown new MIMMA champions or can the season champions retain their prestigious title? That question shall be answered at history making MIMMA Grand Finals, which will be held in the historical Stadium Negara on the 25 th of October 2014. Our journey might be nearing to the end, but this is just the beginning to the rise of Malaysian MMA globally


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