(SUKAN) MIMMA2 Ladder Match: Stakes are High, Dreams are at Risk

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It is getting more nerve wrecking as we move on to the next stage of the Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts 2. It has always been known that MIMMA2 is a platform for new talents to showcase their skills in hopes to one day call the MMA scene their home. MIMMA2 follows up its history making Tryouts tour with the Ladder Match stage. This is when the 112 fighters will be up against each other in their respective weight categories to fight and move closer to realizing their dream of becoming the next MIMMA Champion. Stakes are very high for fighters and they cannot afford to make any mistake that could cost them the chance of a lifetime.

Along with high hopes and sharpened skills, fighters will also bring their state pride. Each fighter represents his own home state and this will actually contribute to magnitude of the fight due to the fact that state rivalry is huge in Malaysia. The cage will witness the intensity of the bouts as fighters try to feed their hunger of being victorious.

Jason Lo stated, “I have travelled with the team during the tryouts tour and have first hand experience in witnessing the phenomenal MMA talents in Malaysia. Among all that came for the tryouts, we have hand-picked 112 fighters whose talents are exceptional and have proved to us that they are worthy of the chance to become the next MIMMA Champion.”

He added, “Tension is high for the fighters during the Ladder Match as they cannot afford to make any mistake. This is the only ticket for them to move on to the next stage. Hence, be prepared to witness epic battles emerging in the MIMMA cage. Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps!” Will the fighters’ dream of becoming the next household name for MMA flourish or will it crumble to the ground? Only they have the power to determine the outcome of the Ladder Match. Paradigm Mall will turn into a battleground for these fighters. The fans will enjoy the chance of being among the first to witness a glimpse of the next MIMMA Champion in action. Malaysia has gained much momentum in the development of MMA locally as we head towards becoming to main hub for MMA in Asia and the Ladder Match will be a shot in the arm to increase the drive in the expansion of the sport.

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