(SUKAN) MIMMA3: The Best Is Yet To Come!

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5 states conquered, with almost 1500 fighters have registered and put to the test. The introduction of 2 new categories have attracted more than 60 female participants and a large number of amateur foreign fighters with the goal of becoming the first champions for each category.  The journey of unprecedented adrenaline rush of mixed martial arts seamlessly merged with the spine-tingling action is not over yet! This is our home turf and the amount of talents who have registered are overwhelmingly colossal.


There is a high concentration of MMA talents in the Klang Valley thanks to the huge number of good MMA gyms which provide the right training and guidance for these potential MMA hopefuls. The presence of professional fighters such as Peter Davis and Samir Mrabit have proved to be a strong catalyst to drive the development of MMA talents here. The Klang Valley is also home for our Bantamweight Champion Prabu Somanaidu, Lightweight Champion, Muhammad Hasrul and Featherweight Champion, Keanu Subba. With such big names, Klang Valley and the area nearby will surely make the Selangor tryouts an unforgettable event. An epic journey deserves an epic conclusion, and what better way to end it than with the MIMMA 2 tryouts in Paradigm Mall, the place where it all started last year.


Jason Lo stated, “This year, we have also decided to introduce 2 new categories to further expand the immensity of the invasion. Last season, a good number of female fighters came to the tryouts and we all know, the public goes crazy for female fights. It seems apt to introduce a female category for season 3 as the country is in dire need of female MMA fighters. The MMA scene will not be complete without female fighters to continue the legacy of our very own Malaysian MMA Princess and Tune Talk Warrior, Ann Osman. After 4 states, a healthy number of female fighters have sign up and honestly we are very impressed with the skills shown.  Other than that, a foreign pride category will also be introduced for amateur foreigners living around the region interested to fight in MIMMA. The foreign fighters in a way will motivate our local fighters to train harder as right now the standards are being risen to a higher level,“


“With the inclusion of these 2 new categories, we hope it will further drive the already rapid development of the sport in our country. Globally we have established ourselves as the biggest amateur fighting championship and we are not planning to be comfortable with the stature. There are more things to be done and more proactive steps to be taken. We had a special guest this weekend, Mr Kerrith Brown, the Board of Director of IMMAF from United States, who came to see the quality of our fighters. We are honoured that someone as important as he is made time to pay us a visit and this show that our country is under their radar. Stay tuned for more development from MASMMAA. I am sure with his visit, our fighters have a bright future ahead of them!” he added.

Paradigm Mall has witnessed the biggest gathering of amateur fighters in Asia if not in the world and all of them will have only one goal in mind; to become the next MIMMA champion! The sessions were more ruthless and the fighters displayed their impressive skills.  The last stop for the MIMMA 2 tryouts is the biggest ever.  After the tryouts stage has beed completed. 112 local fighters will be selected to move on to the Ladder Match happening on the 16th and 17th of May while the number of female and foreign fighters will be revealed soon. The tryouts stage might be over but for those select few, their journey has just begun and the challenges for them will become greater as they move on to the next stages of The Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship.

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