(SUKAN) Spirit of WIPRO Run 2016

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photo-7Themed “Powered By Ambition” the annual  charity  event  Spirit  of WIPRO Run marks its 6th  year in Malaysia with  yet   another   successful event   held  cancurrently  around   the  world   where   thousands of  WIPRO employees, their  families,  friends,  customers, partners,  and  suppliers run  together   on  the  same  day  at different  locations  where  WIPRO has its offices for a good  cause.  At the international level. this is 11th    year the Spirit of W/PRO Run is held and  this year there are more than 83,000 registrations from across 114 cities taking part in the run.

photo-1The objective   of  the  “Spirit of  WIPRO Run” is to  foster the  values  that  WIPRO UNZA considers to  be  the foundation of the company. The values are Intensity to Win, Act with Sensitivity,and Unyielding Integrity. This run  is  a   corporate   social   responsibility (‘CSR’)  initiative   that   aims  to  contribute   to   the   society   by encouraging  systematic improvement in education  and  to the local  communities where  WIPRO operates in.

WIPRO employees and  their families participated  for free while their friends, vendors, business partners, and suppliers only had  to contribute RM10 per person to participate  in the event.  All participants were given a running kit in the form of a drawstring bag  that consisted of a running shirt.cap,  and  products  from WIPRO.

photo-2This year,  Wipro Unza had  also invited  and sponsored the children from Rumah Kanak-Kanak Triniti Selangor for the event.  For the past  two  years the Company has been  sponsoring the  tuition  fees for the  children, leveraging  from  our  corporate  ‘Wipro  Cares’  which   focuses  on  contributing  to  society   by  catalysing systematic improvement in education and  local communities that we operate  within.

Sri ram Krishnamurthy, Chief Executive of Wipro Unza Malaysia Sdn Bhd said, “The Spirit of Wipro Run,one  of the world’s  largest  global  employee  engagement  initiatives, showcases the  passion, determination,  and collective   effort  of numerous individuals across the world.  It fosters and strengthens a sense of team  spirit not  just within  our  organisation but  also  with  our  network  of  customers, partners,  suppliers, employee families,and others.”

photo-6“We  are  thrilled  that  the  number  of  participants doubled   from  the  previous  year  as this shows greater awareness and  stronger support  towards our CSR initiative. This is a great  encouragement  for us to carry on this  charity   effort.   The  funds  raised  this year  will  go   towards   improving  the  living  conditions  of  the underprivileged as well as education improvement efforts,” he added.

The Spirit of  WIPRO Run kicked  off at  the  break  of  dawn  with  more  than  4,300 participants made  up of employees, vendors,  friends and  suppliers culminating  in  Perdana  Botanical  Garden   (Lake  Garden)   in Kuala Lumpur.

photo-8Similar to  other  competitive runs, the Spirit of  WIPRO Run had  the Men Open  – 8KM category   and  Women Open  – 8KM category   where  all participants received  a finisher medal.  There was also the Family Fun Run which  was a casual  family-run that  spinned  a distance  of 3KM. The top  3 runners for every category   also received  a special  medal  each.  Before the flag off, a warm up session facilitated  by the Nike Ambassador got everyone  pumped  up for the run.

Besides the run. there were  tele-matches for families, CARRIE JUNIOR mascot appearance,  and  inflatable castles, fishing pond  game,  entertaining clown  and game  booths with prizes.Participants were also treated to a buffet  and  children  were  especially elated  with  the cotton  candy  and pop corns  which  were  made available   throughout the event.  The day  ended  with lots of goodies,  as well as winners’  prizes given away to those who were present.

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